I want to Race!

I love running in races…
Jill, running in the Mardi Gras 10K race in 2009

  • I love the atmosphere and the energy.
  • I love to challenge myself.
  • I love the ritual of pinning on a number and lining up.
  • I love chatting with new people all around me at the start line.
  • I love the nervous energy pulsating through the crowd before the “gun fires”.
  • I love the sight of the finish line ahead.
  • I love the surge as I cross the finish.

I miss running in races…

I haven’t run many races this year. It’s just hard to fit it into the schedule and medical issues are limiting what I can do. I am coaching Team Challenge every Saturday and that’s basically the only day that races are held in this area. And when I do have a “day at the races”, lately it is as part of the DSA crew by helping to time the event.

As I’m following the tweets from today’s Rock ‘n’ Roll race in San Diego and as I read all of your blogged race recaps, I’m feeling more and more jealous! I want to race!

I wouldn’t trade my coaching time though, I truly adore this work (that doesn’t feel like work). I like my group of runners/walkers and I find the whole experience to be very fulfilling/gratifying/uplifting/satisfying/etc. And this kind of goes along with my Lessons Learned in running, there will be a time for everything and since I want to enjoy my running for life I am okay that I’m not racing a lot now… for the most part.

My racing calendar will be filled in someday. But until then, good luck to all of you as you race!


  1. I hope you get some races in soon. During the summer there is a week night track series and cross country series around here. They are small races, but fun. Maybe you can find something like those that would work with your schedule.

  2. Will you be racing with your Team at the end of the training? Are there any smaller races you could do just to be in the atmospehere?

  3. I actually really enjoy races as well. I’m running my first marathon in November and hope to get a half in as well. I think what I like best is the crowd cheering you on and the sense of accomplishment. I hope you get some more races in soon 🙂

  4. i hope you can find some way to work a race in sooner rather than later! i know i need them here and there to help keep my mojo alive. coaching i’m sure brings many benefits though (i wouldn’t know!) and maybe you don’t need that extra motivation from racing 🙂

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