A New Hill

Yesterday I went for a run from my house, deciding to head down a road that I haven’t run in about 6 months. The reason I’ve avoided it is because they started doing construction and closed a significant portion of the road, thus making that route a little inaccessible. But I decided to explore and see if they are nearing completion on the work.

The downside: There is now a sign up that says the construction will continue until Fall 2010. This is due to building a new freeway overpass.

The upside: The freeway overpass will link me into a bunch of new areas to run AND they’ve turned what used to be a flat, lifeless section of road into a hill!

New overpass construction

This actually made me pretty happy! And since it was a holiday weekend, there was zero work being done in the area so I got to do a little exploring. It looks like it is going to be a pretty nice change! I look forward to having new ground to cover!

Jill running on January 3


  1. I just can’t get over how different your area of the country is from mine. So
    many wide open spaces with the mountains off in the distance. It’s been too long since I’ve been out that way. Sad to say. Glad u went exploring!

    Oh an I love how mobile friendly your website is. Usually I don’t look at blogs on my phone because they’re hard to navigate but yours is awesome.

    • I wish I could take full credit for the mobile version, but WordPress does some of that automagically… but I do try to keep the formatting of all my posts/photos in a way that would display properly without any styling. (Trying not to go all web-geek here!)

      I have never been out your way, so I would love to see your part of the country. Wide open space is really all I know.

    • There aren’t a lot of really steep hills right in Vegas (but outside in Red Rock there are), but most of Las Vegas is sloped. If you run west, odds are pretty good you’re running uphill and if you run east, it’s usually a downhill grade. That’s pretty consistent across the whole city.

  2. I completely understand the excitement of having a new hill, even if it is only an overpass. That recently happened near my house, too. They’re not always fun, but those hills are good for us!

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