Vibram Five Fingers Info

I know most of us are intrigued by the Vibram Five Fingers… whether it’s an interest in figuring out if the whole barefoot running movement is a legitimately good practice or the rubber-necking at a car wreck feeling, it’s a topic that gets buzz among runners.

Vibram Five Fingers - Womens Sprint model - Photo from
Vibram Five Fingers - Women's Sprint model - Photo from

Well I stumbled upon a video review of the shoes recently, from Wired magazine. Not exactly the source that first comes to mind when looking for running info, but still an interesting piece and a well-made look at the shoes.

Watch Wired’s Review of the Vibram Five Fingers

I’m still intrigued by them.


  1. I would love to try a pair just to see what it feels like. They could never work for me, though. I need a lot fo support in my shoes.

  2. I think my toes would like these as they love to rub up on one another and make blisters, but I’m fairly sure that my shins would HATE them

  3. Hmm, very interesting indeed. I’m getting more and more into the idea of barefoot running after realizing that the cushioning in some of my shoes was single-handedly causing me some pretty crazy hip issues. I bet it would be really neat to try these out!

  4. i have been hearing more and more about these lately… almost getting tempted! i’m sure the price tag will help with that? 😉 i wouldn’t mind being au natural with a little barefoot action.

  5. Marlene, the foot did not evolve with the support you think you need. Try them, you’ll see.

    Carlee, once you stop striking your heel, something this shoe is an expert at teaching you, your shin splints will disappear.

  6. I am definitely intrigued by these – I dont think I could run in them all the time, but want to try it just for fun! 😉

  7. It seems the consensus is that everybody is a little intrigued about the Five Fingers. I would consider even wearing them around my house all day. I telecommute and just wear socks all day anyway, these would be a fun alternative! (And maybe less slippery on my wood floors!)

  8. I wear the toe socks and I have to admit, those shoes creep me out. I think it’d creep me out to see anyone wearing them.No way…

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