Running Updates

The past two days I’ve run in the evenings, simply because mornings have been rough for me this summer. Of course, this means that I’ve been running in temps that exceed 100 degrees each evening too. But I’ve found that I’m really feeling acclimated now. I remember running a couple weeks ago and feeling like my flesh was being seared off.

(Have you ever seen Terminator 2? The scene where Sarah Connor is watching the kids play on the playground and then they all incinerated? That’s what I felt like a couple weeks ago…)

Lately it’s been easier. Admittedly it feels a lot better to run in the early morning hours when temps are even lower, but it’s nice to adapt to my environment.

On Monday night (103°) I ran around my neighborhood. I thought I’d do about 3 miles or so (remember, I’m attempting to taper), but I ended up doing nearly 5 miles. In fact, I did 4.93 miles. If I had actually been paying attention to my Garmin I would have tried to round that right up to an even 5, but it probably speaks volumes about the quality of the run that I was just running and ignoring the pace & distance.

At the tail end of my run I went past a group of boys, they were probably around 11 or 12 years old. As I went by one of them yelled out, “‘Sup Girlie?!” Another one chimed in with, “You’ve got that boom boom pow!”

And I almost burst out laughing out them.

Last night I ran at Fleet Feet (108°), like I usually try to do on Tuesday nights. The group seems to be dwindling. I’m hoping this has something to do with it being hot, but last summer we had a better turn out. But it would be sad for the store if they didn’t get the continued support once temperatures drop some.

I ran with the store owner for a couple laps around the soccer complex where we usually run. We discussed things for inclusion in the August e-newsletter, since I write that for our local store each month.

One of the things that we threw out as an idea was another human interest story, this time spotlighting Molly and her Badwater adventure. So I thought I’d use this time to give you a quick update on her race.

A forest fire broke out at the end of the race, so the finish line was moved up 4 miles. This means she finished 131 miles in 45 hours. I did hear that they opened the course back up later on and the athletes could finish the last stretch, but the clock never stopped. So when the course re-opened, that was about 4 hours AFTER she had finished. Wow…. of course, most people in this type of event aren’t chasing a time goal in the same way that runners in other distances are.

Molly with Chris Kostman, Badwater race director. (Photo from
Molly with Chris Kostman, Badwater race director. (Photo from

And I have to admit, following all this Badwater action has really started me buzzing. I had a goal of completing a marathon before I was 30, which I accomplished… well, perhaps I need to do an ultra-marathon before I’m 40. That gives me plenty of time to knock that goal out!


  1. If you run an ultra I’ll run one too. How have you been? I’m tapering myself for the San Francisco Marathon. Good luck on your half this weekend.

    • Jessica! I saw an ad for the San Francisco Marathon just earlier today and thought of you. I had forgotten the race was coming up so soon! (I’m sure you’re fully aware of the impending race, huh?) I hope you have a great race there!

      Deal, we’ll both have to do ultras someday!

  2. wow what is with kids these days? 😉 saucy jill!

    i am digging your run that was accidentally extended. i find myself looking at my time/distance too much, and can never seem to accidentally run longer. glad you were feeling good though i certainly think i would melt in those temps!

    • I’m sure those kids would have been mortified if they realized I’m old enough to be their parent… Several people I graduated from HS with actually have kids that age.

  3. Wow an ultra?? Are you sure?? I don’t think I will ever want to run one, seems like too much… however, two years ago I thought I would never want to run a marathon and am running one in 10 days, so, who knows?

    • Yeah, I’m pretty sure I want to do an ultra. Right now I’m thinking that a 50-miler would be tops… but then, I’m kind of like you. I never would have thought I’d run a marathon. In fact, when I was younger I thought running in general sounded crazy!

  4. Hmm, I have been toying with the idea of running an ultra lately too . . . I think I’ll see how the Goofy Challenge and Ragnar go and if those two semi-crazy events go well, I may just let the floodgates open right up!! 🙂

    I am just still laughing about you having “that boom boom pow!” Hilarious!

  5. I would say if I ran 131 miles then had a four hour break, there’s no way in hell you’d get me out there again for the last 4. no way. oh what the hell, i would not be doing an ultra anyway?! That’s awesome she finished, and as you said her blisters were not too bad. Or was she the one who didn’t get any blisters?!

    Very cute about the little guys. And I give you props for running in that heat, even if it is a “dry” heat, that’s still seriously hot.

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