Hydration Review: Nuun

I have a hard time if I ingest too much sugary stuff while running, it just doesn’t settle right. I need to get in my electrolytes… especially with how hot things are here and I am an especially salty sweater. So when I learned about nuun it seemed like the answer to my needs.

nuun tablet containers
nuun tablet containers

nuun are tablets you can drop into a bottle of water. The tablet dissolves with an effervescent action, kind of like alka seltzer… but tastier. This makes a drink with a blend of electrolytes to help replenish your body and to keep you from cramping. The resulting drink DOES NOT contain any carbohydrate, thus allowing you to take in carbs in whatever form you prefer (gels, candy, pretzels, etc.) without worrying about how they will mix with your sport drink.

I bought a tube of lemon-lime flavor and found it to be lightly, flavored. I don’t really like the intense sweetness of most sport drinks, so this really suited my palate. I did get to taste a little bit of the kona cola flavor at a marathon expo and liked it, it seemed like flat cola to me. My mom did not like the cola flavor at all though. But since they have several flavors (5 or 6… they have a limited time banana flavor right now, so I’m not entirely sure of the line-up), there should be something for most taste buds.

I really like that you can carry a tablet with you in a race or a long training run to refill your drink. It’s a lot smaller and more convenient than trying to deal with powders on the run. Plus when you buy it they come in a small plastic tube that contains 12 tablets, so when mixing it into your own reusable bottle that means 12 fewer plastic bottles end up in a landfill.

I did have one complaint though… When I used it in my Amphipod handheld bottle, it seemed to build up excess air in the bottle. Even when I tried letting it dissolve in the bottle for a good 20 minutes before using… the moment I started running and shaking the bottle it built up pressure that made the bottle expand. This expansion caused extra pressure on my hand between the bottle and the strap. But even worse than this was when I put the bottle up to my mouth, bit down to open the valve and it exploded all over my face and down my throat. Nothing’s more refreshing than choking yourself on the move!

I still really like the product and want to try flavors beyond the lemon-lime. I just need to figure out how to use it most effectively on the move. I’m sure it works better INSIDE me as opposed to ALL OVER me. If nothing else, I could sip on it all day after a long training run to help replenish.

I bought my tube at REI and I believe it was about $6.50. So that’s a pretty good deal, considering it’s basically 12 bottles of sport drink right there.

The nuun website has a lot of information on the science behind their product if you’re interested in learning more.


  1. Thanks for the review on this product. I just purchased a tube to try for my next long run as I have terrible tummy trouble taking sports drinks but with my heart condition I need the salt.

    Great review and can’t wait to try!

  2. Nuun is GREAT! I’ve dissolved them in a cup and poured them into my 8oz fuel belt bottles and had no problems before. Maybe I use more water than you’re supposed to (I even water down propel water)?

    Tri-berry is pretty good, but my fave is citrus fruit. Everyone at the running store I work at LOVES the banananuun…I think it’s kinda strange tasting :

    Happy flavor testing! šŸ™‚

    • I saw the banananuun on their site and was intrigued. But I’m a little hesistant to buy a whole tube of it, since the flavor sounds so… unique. Not sure I want a whole tube of something I don’t like! šŸ™‚ I usually dissolve my tablets in my 20 oz. Amphipod bottle, so that’s a little watered down compared to the 16 ounces it supposedly makes. But I think the shaking does something to it… Maybe I need to make it the evening before I go run, give it hours as opposed to 20 or 30 minutes to settle!

  3. yep, nuun has to dissolve.. however once you know that it’s fine. if i’m on the move i just “burp” it ever minute until it’s done. if i am headed out for a run i’ll just let it dissolve in the house before i go.

    enjoy the hydration!!

  4. lol about it exploding on you šŸ™‚ (sorry…)

    this was a great review! i have heard of others using these tablets but that’s about it until now. they definitely sound worth trying out (minus the explosions of course).

    does the tablet not dissolve in your pocket when you sweat? or are they in their own little wrappers?

    • I would put the tablet in a plastic baggie when taking it with you. I can throw a Nuun tablet, some Endurolytes, and some gummy fuel in a plastic baggie and they’re all nice and safe together.

      And I’m glad you laugh about it exploding… I hope I can get people to laugh at, er… WITH, me when I post things like that!

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