Molly is “Bad to the Bone”

Badwater takes place next week. I just wanted to share this article about my friend Molly who will be running in the event. She’s amazing.

Some excerpts:

Molly Sheridan, 52, said she partakes in extreme running for the fun of it. She’s run a total of 20 ultramarathons to date.

“My favorites are the 100-milers because you’re running through the night,” she said. “The moon’s out and you’re just running. It’s an incredible experience.”

To prepare for an ultramarathon, Sheridan logs up to 65 miles a week and cross-trains with swimming and bike riding. For events in humid climates, a sauna helps her acclimate easier. Sheridan trains year-round.

“Last year, she did 18 races,” said Jimmy Gabany, who is part of Sheridan’s ultramarathon crew and an ultra runner himself. “So she knows what she’s doing.”

Sheridan later gained a mentor in Helen Klein, who retired from running ultramarathons last year at age 85. They both had a good laugh at Sheridan’s doctor’s admonition. The best piece of advice gleaned from the elderly runner?

“She told me to be totally relaxed when I run and just ‘move through space,’ ” Sheridan said.

There’s an ulterior motive to her running: Sheridan uses the events to raise money for Boys Town, a nonprofit that was started in 1917 by the Rev. Edward Flanagan as a small home for homeless boys. It now provides direct care to more than 400,000 children and families each year through its youth and health care programs across the country.

Good luck Molly! I know you’re going to do awesome!

Excerpts from: Bad to the bone – Ultramarathoner gears up for 135-mile dash through Death Valley by Jan Hogan in the Summerlin View News


  1. Hey! I was in the article too! LOL.

    Oh and we decided she is actually bad to the cellular level. Ok so we are dorks.

    • When you run Badwater in a couple years and have a whole article about you, I’ll feature you here too! 😉 I like “Bad to the Cellular Level” better, but it probably wouldn’t work for the press. No dorky humor there!

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