Saturday’s Crap Run

Yeah… the run was kind of rough. But I’m still glad I did it. I don’t think I’ve ever had a day where I wasn’t HAPPY I did the run, even if it doesn’t go how I want.

To preface, yesterday was kind of a crummy day. I was just feeling tired and sad all day, plus I wasn’t feeling very well. Just stomach troubles all day. So I’m sure that led to a little pre-dehydration leading into today’s run, even though I tried to stay hydrated all day.

Anyway, the plan today was to do 7 miles. Part of me feels like such a weakling compared to my friends that are in the midst of ultra training, but part of me is pleased with my decision to choose a training plan for me. As much as I love the support and camaraderie of running friends, I also like having the confidence to go my own way. I’m sure our training paths will converge once again.

So back to the plan… I was going to do 7 miles. I didn’t have a set route, just decided to run around my end of town until I got the distance. I was also trying to run at the pace set forth by Runner’s World SmartCoach… a 10:50. And that was soooo hard. I kept noticing my pace creeping up and then trying to pull back. When it was all said and done my average pace was a 9:54… so I missed my mark. Oh well.

The run was warm and sunny. I still haven’t fully acclimated to running in the heat yet either. So combining my funky gut and the heat, I just felt pretty drained at the end.

I did have one nice moment though, when I was doing a cool-down lap around my neighborhood a gal flagged me down and wanted to know where I got my handheld Amphipod water bottle. She said, “You’re a marathoner, right?” Well, I guess the answer to that is ‘Yes’… even though I’ve just done 2 marathons and DNF’d my 3rd, I assume it’s safe to call myself a marathoner.

Anyway, she said “I’ve seen you running all the time and thought I needed a bottle like that. I told my husband I wanted one for Mother’s Day but he said he didn’t know where to find one.”

I directed her to Fleet Feet to pick one up and finished my cooldown feeling pretty awesome. I never thought my neighbors noticed me as the “runner” in the hood, but lately a few different people have made mention of that fact to me.

It makes me feel far more athletic than the computer geek I truly am.


  1. you are totally a marathoner! it only takes 1 🙂 the heat/humidity is pretty terrible until you finally get “used” to it (if you can even call it that!). sometimes that drained feeling post-run is kinda nice!

  2. Everybody seems to be having a hard time adjusting to the heat. You just have to keep running and get used to it. Congrats on being recognized as the local running celebrity though.

  3. We’re on the same path, Jill. Both completed two and DNF’d on the 3rd. Our 4th is sure to be great, right? 🙂

    And yes, you’re a marathoner. We’re a rare breed; own it! 🙂

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