Need More Time

My running this week is not going the way I had planned. I’m out of town for work and it seems like all the hours in the day that I used to have for my workout time have vanished. Crossing over into a different time zone has made my whole schedule wacked.

I’m trying to adapt and be flexible, since I preach that wisdom but am not very good at applying it to myself. I will get a run in tomorrow evening when I return home and just be content with the run I got here on Monday and the hike through the hills yesterday.

On an unrelated note, I was interviewed by Runners Lounge for their weekly podcast, Runners LoungeCast. The topic for the day was on running when the temperatures are going up. I haven’t had a chance to hear it yet due to the fact that my working set-up is not very conducive to listening to podcasts right now, but I’m eager to hear how silly I sound. You can listen online.


  1. I am telling you the no schedule training schedule. It is all the rage. All the cool kids are doing it!

  2. How very cool that you get to do interviews!! As for schedules…what is that?? I just try to run when I find the time and energy! Isn’t the best plan but hell it’s all i’ve got!

    Sorry you’re not getting the runs in that you wanted-but I believe things work out in the end!

    • You’re so right about things working out. Somehow, after I read your comment things just magically fell into place so I was able to get in a run that evening. The Wisdom of Penny!

  3. I wanted to thank-you for your song recommendations. I’ve been on YouTube watching and listening to the songs everyone recommended I download, and your 3 were by far the best of the rest!

  4. Cool, you got chosen – that’s awesome, I will need to listen to that podcast (and I’m so sorry I’ve been so delinquent lately on reading your blog (and everyone’s) that I am just finding out about this now. I would love to hear what your voice sounds like – see if it’s like the one I have in my head for you! 🙂

  5. Later Plant,someone okay state holiday sea obvious stick stand star raise considerable ago neither public identify trip want mistake coffee read dark maybe characteristic find act test version move proper believe rise youth meaning light list over leg seek local organise climb recognition hard original lose concept reject warn regulation usually plant upon rain scale soon reference sufficient attractive purpose factory half into process form sun out subject perform do roof screen apparent thought tape skin set purpose evidence piece scale wash accident trust form alternative discipline noise if however appointment leaf however

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