Staycation Training

I’m on “staycation” this week. My husband and I always try to take a trip for our anniversary in May each year. But the past several years it has been getting more and more difficult to schedule something. Since he is a CPA he is swamped with work from January-April. And his busy season has been extending beyond those months too. So when we try to plan something, we keep having other things in life get in the way of even making the vacation plans. And last year we went to Cancun and both came home sick… not particularly relaxing.

So this year we’re hanging out in Las Vegas. Going out to eat at good restaurants, catching shows, going on hikes, getting massages… just enjoying the bounty we have right here in our backyard, several items of which we typically avoid because it feels like too much of a “tourist” thing to do.

That also means that it’s easy for me to get my running time in, and I’ve really enjoyed that. Monday I was supposed to do 3 miles at a 10:50 pace, according to the almighty training plan. I did about 3.3 miles at a 9:10 pace… so I guess I scored 50% on that run, right? 😉

Today I was supposed to run 5 miles for a speed workout. Now it’s time for the honest truth… I’ve never done a training plan where I actually have set tempo/speed days. Sure… I’ve tried to throw those in on occasion but they’ve always been on a whim without being planned out. (Hmm… I will run fast now. Look at me, running fast. And now I will stop running so fast. Good job, Jill. You’re awesome.) So I feel like I’ve graduated to a new level in training with this.

So anyway, today was supposed to be:
Dist: 5mi, inc Warm; 2×1600@8:43 w/800 jogs; Cool

According to SmartCoach, the warm-up and cooldown are usually 1 mile. I’m not sure where there is a track available for me to do these workouts as intended, so I just programmed my Garmin to beep at me to make adjustments at the appropriate intervals and I ran on roads about my neighborhood.

My Garmin is a temperamental little princess… if I change anything in the user profile then it starts to get angry. And since I changed the pace zones in my user profile, it threw a fit today. Whenever I got to the speed segments, it kept yelling at me to slow down. And when I was on the recovery segments, it kept yelling at me to slow down. And upon conclusion when I synced it all into my computer, it said I had burned 6470 calories. But it did state that I averaged an 8:41 for the first speed mile and an 8:22 for the second one… so I’m pleased with those.

I just need to get my Garmin to stop throwing fits. Maybe it doesn’t like to be woken at 5:30 AM and wants to sleep in longer. Who knows?


  1. honestly, I know I am supposed todo those types of workouts too – set a tempo pace, etc., but I tend to not follow them either, so you and I are alike! What are you training for now? I need to get caught up on your blog, it’s been too long, ugh, I hate being so busy lately!

    What model is your Garmin?

  2. Jill I don’t think you should any run that burns 6000 calories unless it is an ultra. Just trying to help you out! lol

  3. oh man at this point i consider going home a vacation! (if/when the chance becomes available, quite rarely) sounds like it’ll be a nice stay/va-cation though, relaxing and free time, can’t beat it.

    i kind of wish i could burn 6000 cals, healthily of course, lose some more weight!

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