Apparel Review: Asics Quad Short

Asics Quad Short for women

Alissa from A Runner’s Balancing Act mentioned getting some of these at the PF Chang’s RnR expo this year and I was intrigued. Then my local Fleet Feet store got some in, so I saw them in person and was even more interested. Since FF rarely has clothing in my size, I had to get these online from Running Warehouse. Fortunately Chris from Gibtown RunnerΒ sent me an awesome coupon link so I got them for a smokin’ deal.

The Asics Quad short has many features typical of regular running shorts… 3.5″ inch inseam, liner/brief inside, wicking, etc. But the really cool feature is what gives the short the name. It has 3 mesh pockets across the back and one additional zipper pocket in the center on the back. 4 pockets – quad… get it? πŸ˜‰

Asics Quad Short for women, back view

The pockets really have a lot of room and I was showing them off to my husband. Part of my modeling included me telling him just how much crap I could carry in them during a race, which would be awesome. His response was to tell me to run to the bagel shop down the road in the morning and have bagels ready for him by the time he wakes up since I’ll have all that room to carry stuff.

Yeah… that’s not going to happen.

But I did shove a bunch of stuff in them for a 3.5 mile run around my neighborhood, because I’m dorky committed to testing like that.

I had some gels and sport beans stashed in various pockets. They didn’t add much bulk and didn’t bother me physically, however the sport beans bounced too much and made a rattling sound. I was tempted to pull them out and throw them down on the side of the road just because the “shake-a-shake-a-shake” sound was driving me bonkers. Perhaps if the shorts were tighter they wouldn’t rattle around like that much, but I would recommend a quieter fuel if you’re planning on carrying it in these shorts.

And since the shorts are Asics and that’s the brand that sponsors Deena Kastor, I can pretend that I’m not running more than twice as slow as she does, simply by virtue of wearing the same brand. Right?


  1. haha about hub’s bagel comment. that would be a sight to see. these sound like great shorts for long runs with all their storage – i am not much of a fuel-belt girl. thanks for sharing!

  2. I love my asics shorts with pockets across the back. My only issue has been that I one time had my ipod fall out while I was running. So now I take a safety pin and pin the pocket closed that has the ipod or the cell phone in it. And I’m really impressed with its ability to hold my cell phone. I barely notice it!

    Sorry I’ve been absent lately. Hope you’re doing well!

  3. My trick with the sports beans is to take them out of that silly wrapper and put them in a snack size ziploc baggie, and then shove them in my pockets. It’s the only way to not lose control of them!

    I know how you feel about being slower than those who wear the same gear. I wear arm warmers, just like Kara Goucher. Unfortunately I have no chance in hell of running as fast as her, or looking anything remotely like her! πŸ™‚

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