Fundraising Drawing: Custom Pottery

Want to enter a drawing for something really cool?

My friend Bethany is a great artist, creating some beautiful pottery pieces. She sells these on the web via her shop on Etsy and does custom orders for people as well. I have a mug from her (I mentioned it in my ice bath post) and I love it!

Bethany has graciously offered a custom piece to use in a giveaway drawing for my fundraising for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The winner will be able to choose a mug, a plate, a bowl, a butter dish, a photo frame, a vase… whatever. They can communicate with Bethany and she’ll paint the piece to their specifications, custom colors, etc. It’s an awesome prize – a custom-commissioned piece of art that is functional too! (View Bethany’s work on her Flickr gallery)

This drawing is going to be a little techno-savvy, since we want this open to people all over the country. A $1 donation to my fundraising acts as a virtual “ticket” in the drawing. A $5 donation would net you five “tickets”. A $10 donation will earn you 12 “tickets”, just because I’ll reward your generosity! The more dollars you donate, the more chances you have to win. At the close of the donation period, everyone’s name will be put into a spreadsheet and the winner will be selected using the Random Number Generator online. The winner selection will be overseen by a licensed CPA (my husband) just like the Academy Awards!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Make an online donation to my fundraising between now and October 10. Your donation can’t be anonymous, since I’ll need a name to put into the drawing.
  2. Leave a comment on here just saying hi. This isn’t absolutely required if you’ve done the donation, but it would just be fun.

Pretty simple, right?


  • If you have already donated, this is a clean slate so you’ll have to purchase tickets via a new donation to be entered.
  • Prize value varies from $20-50, depending on the item selected.
  • If you make a donation AND mention this drawing on your own blog, that mention will net you another “ticket”.


  1. I really want to win! I hope that families of the runner aren’t excluded.

    Note to Bethany – Thanks so much for your support of Jill. You are such a good example of a good friend!

  2. Okay I totally had to donate for two reasons…1) I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bethany’s pottery. and 2) us marathoner’s need to stick together. I’m running one in 10 days, though not for a fundraising effort like you are (you’re so cool!). Best wishes with the Rock ‘n’ Roll!

  3. I really nead a Stub’s bowl 🙂 This was a great idea. Hope it is helping. I hope your CPA remembers his dear old mama, ha ha.

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