TNT Group Run #15: Not Rockin’ Red Rock

Today’s scheduled run was a 15 mile run at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area again. Last time we did this I managed to kick butt big time, tackling the huge hills with ease and then managing to run the Nike+ Human Race 10K the next day just fine.

But, you’ve gotta respect the course and respect the distance. Just because it was easy one time doesn’t mean it will always be that way. So today I went into the run with a certain amount of trepidation, I wanted to make sure that I did my best to run well while being safe. And the run started off really well, I managed to leave everybody behind on all the hills. I paused my Nike+ and waited at the overlook for them to catch up, enjoying the breezes and the scenery.

Once the group was all back together we started on the downhill side. And we were flying… I knew I should have been more careful, I just got caught up in the speed and the fun and the excitement. I let myself go and ran down the hills too fast.

After a little more than 12 miles, my left knee decided it was through. No more running. The sharp, severe pains radiating from behind my kneecap made me yell out expletives and stop my forward motion. My teammates stopped with me to give me moral support. And medical support!

(If you don’t have a sports chiropractor/athletic trainer in your training program, I highly recommend one. Especially if that person is your friend and they run with you. It really helps out when you end up in pain.)

My pal Donna (the aforementioned doctor) didn’t hesitate as she pulled my knee strap off and started massaging my knee. We had just passed one of the Team sponsored water stops, so she sent Melinda back to get ice. The ice was massaged into my knee, hitting certain trigger points that caused pain while still feeling really good. She had me sit down on the ground and did a quick adjustment, after a popping in my knee I was back on my feet with the knee strap on and we were moving again, albeit much slower this time.

We did a little bit of walking mixed with running and I managed to cover 13 miles. But when one of our course/water stop volunteers passed us, I caught a ride to the end. I was done for the day. The Team support crew at the end of the course sprayed me down with BioFreeze, wrapped my leg up with ice/saran wrap and gave me a cookie. It was really nice to have a whole bunch of people who care about you, a lot easier than training completely on your own.

I was angry with myself, I didn’t want to quit early. It was frustrating to think that I couldn’t finish this run when I had done so well with it before. Especially since it was my own fault for being stupid and thinking I could cruise along down the hill at top speeds. But as I was getting in the car to quit for the day, Melinda said something along the lines of, “You’re doing the best thing for yourself that you can right now.”

And she’s right. While I’m still a little frustrated, I am also pleased with myself for knowing when to call “Uncle” and take a break before I really hurt myself. I have done an ice bath, I have eaten… and now I’m going to put some more ice on my knee, prop it up and hopefully catch a short nap.

I’ll be alright, the knee is already feeling a lot better, just a little stiff. I just need to get past feeling like I failed in some way today.


  1. I think your injury also has a lot to do with the fact that your team shouldn’t have been running the loop again! UGH!

    I’m sorry your knee is bothering you again. PLEASE rest this week and let it heal. You are already exceeding your previous marathon speed and endurance, so you are accomplishing a lot! You have much to be proud of!

    That is way it is SO GREAT to train with Team! There is so much support.

    (By the way, I love the goat standing atop “four-to-fucking-five” peak. I wonder if he’s sweaty, or if he saw his life flash before his eyes on the way up?
    You know he totally thinks he’s a badass.)

  2. I feel your pain (literally and figuratively!). I went to the doc today for my own knee pain and while it’s just some IT band issue, the #1 thing I have to do is slow down when going down hill, as well as running the first mile or so at a realllllllly slow pace. Neither is very exciting to think about but if it helps me stay healthy, so be it!

  3. Hey, right there with you as well. Two weeks till my marathon and I’ve barely run in two weeks. Hitting the pool for some water running in the AM. Did you see my post about “the hips don’t lie”? Coach indicated to me that while my form is WAY off, my hips are too tight, and my right foot turns out when I run, all leads to pain in the knees. Such fun. Yoga yoga yoga…key to improved fitness.

    Good luck.

  4. I’m sorry to hear about your knee and not being able to complete your run. I definitely agree that you did the right thing by not trying to push yourself to hard to the point where you got really hurt.

    I hope your knee is feeling better soon!

    P.S. – I LOVE that Biofreeze stuff. It is amazing. I recently had to use it for a Wii related injury which is the lamest sort of injury ever.

  5. BethT: Yeah, it does get frustrating to think about slooooowing down, but if it saves my knees I guess I’ll have to do it!

    Rachel: Amen to the yoga! I love yoga. Iyengar is especially helpful because it really focuses on proper alignment, thus correcting issues that could be off and injuring you while running.

    Sparklie: The Biofreeze for a Wii injury is kind of funny. True, it’s lame… but it’s funny too. At least you’re not alone, tons of people get electronics-related injuries these days!

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