Good Running

This week has been a positive week on the running front, my workouts have felt really good and bolstered my self-esteem.

On Monday I was out of town for work, staying at my parent’s house during that time. After wrapping up work for the day I went back to their house, got into my running clothes and decided to just explore some of the neighborhoods that have popped up near their home in the time since I lived there. It was kind of fun to just head out without a specific route in mind, just running to meet my time goal of 45 minutes.

Tuesday I was still at their house, so I decided to do the same run I had done the day before. This time the plan was to see if I could do the same route quicker. My pace was two whole seconds faster, not a huge difference but it still felt good. The day was a little warmer and the winds a little stronger so I was happy with the effort.

This morning I got up at 4:30 AM to run. I don’t really need to run at that time to beat the heat as much now, since it was in the mid to upper 60’s at that time (which was wonderful). But I still have to get up early in order to meet my goal of running for 45 minutes, 15 minutes of post-run yoga, showering and eating before starting work at 7:00 AM. Even then I still ended up eating cereal at my desk, but that didn’t matter. The run left me feeling energized and excited as I ran a lot faster today being on familiar streets.

I’m looking forward to our TNT group run this weekend, we have a step back week (or tapering for those on our team running the Nike Women’s Marathon) and only have 12 miles on the agenda. Plus the run doesn’t start until 5:30 AM, a full hour and 15 minutes later than last week’s run! I may finally catch up on some sleep.

Just a reminder that I am still doing my drawing for a custom piece of pottery. It closes on October 10, so anyone who is interested in donating to get “tickets” into the drawing still has a chance to do so.

Happy Running to all!

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