Exhausted Runner

I tell ya… celebrating your birthday for 4 days straight really starts to take a toll on you. I couldn’t bear the thought of waking up early on Tuesday to go running. Normally I go run at night on Tuesdays, but my running pals and I all went out to dinner with our spouses to celebrate birthdays last night. And even though we ate way too much, I still dragged myself out of bed at 4:30 to go running. It was hard, I’ll be perfectly honest with you, but I did have a driving force that pulled me out of my slumber and made it easier to hit the pavement.

My new Nike+ SportKit.

Running Around the House with my Nike+
Running Around the House with my Nike+

Yeah, my husband has finally gotten tired of me talking about pace and distance (and he picked up on my not-very-subtle hints about wanting this) and got it for my birthday. I couldn’t resist pulling it out of the packaging, putting on my running shoes and testing it. Even if I did look like a giant dork in my skirt/top that I wore out to dinner while holding my iPod in front of me. It was that exciting for me.

As I was making loops around the house between my living and family rooms, my husband had to pull out his iPhone to capture my running dorkiness for posterity. And then, being the glutton for punishment I am, I am proving my dorkiness but posting that picture on the internet!

I definitely need to get myself to a track in order to calibrate it properly. All of the tracks around here are locked up though. But I’ll figure it out, if I have to vault over the fence (barbed wire and all)… I will get it calibrated.

And now I need to sleep. Seriously, I am about to tip over. Better run at night tomorrow, huh? Catch up on a few zzzz’s….

Hundred Push-Up Challenge:
Week 5, Day 2 – 15, 15, 14, 14, 12, 12, 10, 30 = 122
Holy cow… I did all of the requirements. Barely…


  1. I love my Nike +. Definitely calibrate on a track, using the innermost lane if possible. For me this has been the only way to get it accurate.

  2. I really want a nike+, but i’m trying to decide if i should just get the sports band (only $60) or buy a new iPod and get the kit. I really can’t afford the nano… but I want one… 🙂

    Would it work if you used a route that you knew was exactly 1 mile? I don’t have any tracks around here, but there are some measured distances on running paths nearby.

  3. tgorourke: My husband told me, “Now you just have to break this by Christmas and maybe you’ll get Garmin.”

    Ray: I like that, Jill Will Blur… And absolutely, I plan on posting a review of my experiences with it!

    BethT: Thanks for the reminder to use the innermost lane. I probably would have forgotten and calibrated on the outside or something!

    Charlotte: My friend has the Sportband and she really likes it. Since I already had a Nano (an old 1st Generation!) this was a good way for me to go. I actually calibrated it using my neighborhood last night, because I know it is a 1 mile loop around. It isn’t as exact, but it will get me through the next several days before I can get to a track next week while traveling.

  4. I hope your sport bank is working….Mine isn’t I’ve done three runs now and it’s finally starting to get close. First run 4 miles = 1.50, second run 6.2 miles = 2.38, third run 3 miles = 2.4.

    Good luck!

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