Beat by the Heat

Last night I met some friends for a run after dark. We could delude ourselves and say we were practicing running in the dark in preparation for this weekend’s half-marathon, but really we were making loops around the running path at a soccer park illuminated by tons of ultra-bright lights.

Yesterday felt really warm all day, more so than other recent days. When we met at 8:30 PM it was still 104° outside and the atmosphere felt heavier than usual. All of us were feeling pretty drained too. I think it was decided before we even started our run that we would cut it short, but we didn’t decide exactly how much we were “cheating” until mid-way through our run.

We were supposed to run for 40 minutes tonight, but after we had done about 3 miles, we capped it off for the night, ending our workout after about 28.5 minutes.

I did calibrate my Nike+ in my neighborhood on Wednesday night. Not 100% accurate, I was about .02 off from my friend’s Nike+ SportBand mileage, but that’s not too bad. I’ll calibrate it on a track when I have convenient access to one next week.

Hundred Push-Up Challenge:
Week 5, Day 3 – 12, 12, 12, 12, 10, 10, 9, 30 = 107
I managed to do the bare minimum on the required push-ups for this week. I’m still debating about whether I will repeat the week yet again, just to build up more strength or try forging ahead. I guess I’ll see how the exhaustion test goes and make a decision from there.

One comment

  1. Good luck in the half! Those are hot temps – we haven’t even seen 100 degrees this year – even during the day.

    Nice job as well on the pushups. I’m doing this too, with my oldest son. We did Week 5 Day 2 yesterday – the left most column. And just squeaked it out – I know how tough it is. And it starts so easy compared to other days – with lower reps and higher sets – but is a killer by the end. Anyway, I’m impressed!

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