Birthday Running

Since today is my 30th birthday, I decided to allow myself to sleep in a little before my run. So instead of waking up at 4:30 AM, I got up at 4:45. Alright, so that’s not much of a difference, huh? Surprisingly, that little bit of difference marked a significant change in the amount of cars and other people out.

I don’t know if today was just an anomaly or if everybody usually emerges at this time. I think I was acting in the ‘Chipper Jen’ role this morning (from the book The Nonrunner’s Marathon Guide for Women – one of the author’s friends was really excited and cheerful about getting out to run each time so she refers to the friend as Chipper Jen). As I was running past other runners/walkers/bikers on the roads and calling out, “Good morning!” and “Hello!” they all just kind of grunted at me.

I did 4.23 miles in 41 minutes. It felt great, I’m glad I got up early to do the run. But, since it is my birthday and I’m taking the day off work, I’m also going to catch a nap. My gift to myself.

Hundred Push-Up Challenge:
Week 5, Day 1: 30, 24, 22, 20, 30 = 126
Why isn’t this week getting any easier? I keep “flunking” myself so I have to repeat the week, and it’s still tough!


  1. Hey, nice job on the run and the pushups. I always wave hello to fellow runners and cyclists – they just don’t always write back.

    Competed in TNT Rock N Roll in 04. Really great experience.

  2. Happy Birthday, Chipper Jill!

    You definitely need to get yourself something for your birthday that’s more fun than 15 extra minutes of sleep or a nap—that was pretty lame! Live a little! You deserve it.

    I am still in awe of anyone doing all those pushups.

  3. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have great plans tonight.

    It’s too bad that you ran by grumpy people. I love it when runners in the morning all say ‘good morning’ to each other.

  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. I had a wonderful dinner of a scallop/shrimp/asparagus risotto and molten chocolate lava cake. So decadent… Guess I did live it up a little!

  5. […] here, because in reality… it was probably the most boring birthday ever. In past years for my birthday I would get up super early to give myself the gift of running. But not this year… in fact […]

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