Runs From Dogs

I started doing my official TNT training this week; we received the first 3 months of our schedule at the kick-off on Saturday. I had to add one more day of running to the schedule I was already doing, so 4 days of running along with two days of cross-training and a day of rest. I was totally amped and ready to begin.

At 5:15 AM on Monday morning I’m out the door, planning on one of my usual routes to get 3.5 miles logged. Frequently in the past there has been a little chihuahua that comes running out of a house, nipping at my heels and being generally annoying. But on this morning, the little chihuahua had a friend… a german shepherd. And the german shepherd launched itself through the air at me, managing to bite my right thigh. Fortunately I was wearing a pair of running shorts that have a loose outer layer and a compression short on the inside, so there were two layers of clothing and the dog didn’t get a really good grasp on me. So aside from a couple small holes in my shorts and a small scratch on my leg, I came through relatively unscathed.

Physically, that is.

Mentally, it shook me up. For the remainder of the day I felt jittery and anxious. I was nervous as I thought about my run the next morning; what I would do and where I would go. But most of all, I think I just had a hard time because I came home to an empty house, since Kevin is in Oklahoma for work this week. My mind started racing about all the “horrible” possibilities that could have happened, and how nobody would have even thought to go looking for me because I just show up for work “virtually”. When you’re left all alone and the brain goes into overdrive, all sorts of negative scenarios can play through the mind.

I think I just needed a hug.

This morning I got up and ran on the treadmill. And it was a good run, without any worries about dogs. Whew…


  1. Oh my goodness!!!! I am SO glad that you are alright. I was chased and bitten by a dog when I was little and thinking about it still shakes me up. These people really need to keep their dogs contained. It’s unbelievable. Perhaps you could keep a mini mase in your running bag?

  2. AWE! Sending you a hug!

    Were the owners with the large dog? Was the german shepherd just roaming free? That owner is being neglegent!

  3. Sparklie: I was bitten by a dog when I was a kid too, so I already have an underlying unease around dogs. I thought I was getting better over the years, but these dogs freaked me out!

    LVGurl: Thanks, I needed that. And no, the owner wasn’t around. The dogs were just loose. When I e-mailed Kevin he said that we should drive by the house regularly and report them when we see the dogs off-leash! You’re right though, that is completely negligent, especially considering all the houses in that area have fenced yards.

  4. I’m sending a great big virtual hug! I check for you every day. I’ll know if you don’t show up at work! Give me your running schedule, and when I should start worrying.

    Love you!

  5. MOMMY! Thanks for the hug! I run Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. So three days a week I’ll need you to watch for me to show up on IM! 😉

  6. Hey Jill…I’m a “running” Jill too…but more unusual…I also was chased by a chihuahua the other day on my first lap around our lake…then on my second lap this very mean little dog brought his friend as well…yep you guessed…a german shepherd!! Too funny…well not funny at all b/c all I could think of was my aunt who was attacked by a german shephard a few years ago and hasn’t run since!! She was hospitalized for a week for bite infections!! What is it with these crazy people letting their dogs out!!?? A car came by and honked at the dog…didn’t help, he went crazy but I was able to run and hide!! Think we should invest in some pepper spray…maybe that would motivate these owners to chain their animals up!! I’m thankful you were ok…found your site from K.Armstrongs blog and noticed your name!! I really don’t read others blogs normally…just don’t see the name much!! Have a good day…glad your safe!! -Jill

  7. Hey “Jill Too!” – Okay, that’s just bizarre… it must have been chihuahua/german shepherd’s against Jills day! They have an organized union or something.

    I agree, owners should keep their dogs under control. I understand that sometimes a dog escapes, but this chihuahua is ALWAYS loose. If people aren’t going to take care of their pets, maybe they shouldn’t have them!

    I’m sorry about your aunt, that’s too bad that these things have to happen. And I’m really jealous you get to run around a lake! That sounds nice, especially as we are climbing our way into the 100’s here in Las Vegas.

  8. ((((HUG)))) A big cyber hug from a stranger. That would have shaken ANYONE. As a dog owner myself, I am appalled that someone would allow an animal access to people walking/running by if there was any chance of attack!

    I hope you can get over the jumpiness. I imagine that any barking dog will freak you out for a while.

    More (((hugs)))

  9. Lisa: The cyber hug is definitely a lot less jarring than the dog! Maybe the owner thought that only complete nut jobs would be running around outside at 5:30 in the morning (and maybe that’s true), but it was still wrong of them to let the dogs loose. I think I’ll be avoiding that neighborhood for a while, maybe forever.

  10. […] There are always the pre-cautionary measures that should be taken when running with music. I think using headphones that block too much of the outside world are awesome on a plane, but don’t belong on the runner. I usually just use one of my earbuds to help make sure I’m more aware of the world around (and possible incoming attacks from dogs!). […]

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