Bouncy, Bouncy

This morning I tried a couple new techniques in my training.

1. I set two alarms, one at 4 AM and one at 5 AM. When the alarm went off at 4 I took my thyroid pill and then went back to sleep until 5:00. Well, that was the theory. Once I woke up, I just tossed and turned; I kept peeking at the clock only to discover that 6 more minutes had gone by. 7 minutes. 3 minutes. And so on, for an hour. But the idea was to try and get my pill out of the way early enough so I could eat a little something before going out for the run. I don’t know that I necessarily need to eat before a 30 minute run, but I also want to figure out how to fuel myself before my training requires longer and longer runs. I don’t know that this practice did anything other than make me a little more tired, but I figure it is worth another attempt.

2. I wore my hydration belt out today. I can do a 30 minute run without needing water, but I’m desperate for water when I get home and my Team In Training coach sent out the message that said we should all have a hydration system of some sort before our group run on Saturday. So I put the belt on, only to have it bounce and bounce and bounce the whole time. I couldn’t keep my arms swinging in a natural rhythm because I had to hold onto the belt with one arm the whole time. I had this same problem at the recent Race for the Cure I ran. I can cinch the belt in tight enough around my waist (by pulling it as tight as it will go), but it loosens as I move. I think I’ll go to the craft store to buy some velcro and try forcing a way to make it to stay tight. If that doesn’t work, I’m on the market for a new way to hydrate myself while running.

On a positive note, I did get 4 miles in this morning without any dog attacks. I’m feel re-charged and a lot less jittery. However, I do plan on scoping out a few other routes to hopefully avoid the evil dog street. It’s not worth the mental stress of going down that road again.


  1. Hi, I just found your blog. I see that you are training with TNT…me too! I’m doing my second race for them in the Fall. I an empathize with you about the hydration belt, all I can say is, after a mile or two, and drinking some to lighten the load, it gets to be less noticeable. I struggle some with the bouncing – some days more then others. As for eating before a morning run – I have to do it, no matter how long I’m going to run. Gotta have a cup of coffee too!

  2. I have yet to find a hydration system that I’m in love with. I use two different things now. For long runs (70 min +) is use a Camelbak Altera. You can cinch it down tight and it doesn’t really budge, and it holds 28 oz. I like it, although the fluid gets warm really fast! For shorter runs, I use the Nathan “Quick Draw” I like it, although my hand sweats a bit. BUT, there is nothing around my waist.

  3. Have you tried wearing your hydration belt lower on your hip? I find that mine bugs me a lot around my waist, but sits nicely on my hips.

  4. Alissa: Thanks for stopping by! I’ll go check out your blog after I comment on here. That’s awesome that you’re doing your second TNT event. I’m very impressed.

    LVGurl: I’m conflicted because during the actual marathon, I don’t think I’ll need to carry that much fluid on me, as I can get water at stations along the route. I’m thinking I will probably want to gel, so I shouldn’t combine that with any sports drinks, so water on the course will be fine. But for training, not so much. Maybe I’ll have to try a Camelbak. Those should be okay if it’s just water in it, right? I’ve heard the bladders can be hard to clean if you do something else.

    Lisa: Yeah, lower on my hips is how I’ve tried wearing it and that hasn’t worked. I’m thinking that I’ll have to wear it up higher on my torso. I may feel like a dork, but at least I’ll be a hydrated dork!

  5. I had the same exact problem with the belt – bounce, bounce, annoying, annoying. I did switch to the Camelbak mini-mule, and I got the kid’s size. It holds 50 oz. like some of the women’s models, yet it doesn’t hit me on the butt the whole way.

    I do know you have to keep them very clean, but now that I know that (and how the mold made one of my friends sick) I am pretty careful with it. They have cleaning kits that you can buy. I cleaned mine the other day and it was not hard at all.

    I am glad to see you know about Alissa’s blog – She’s wonderful and has given me so much good advice already.

    About the iPod, yes, I need it. I do the same thing if I don’t have it – and on Wednesday night, I almost did stop and turn around and go home during my run. You are not alone!

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog!

  6. Yes! Use water. I don’t workout with sports drink (even though I’m told I should). I’m really stubborn about that. I’d rather have good ‘ol water.

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