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Week in Re/Preview

Reading Time: 2 minutes First full week being authorized to exercise again! I’m pleased with how it went! Monday: Run 3.4 miles, Core Challenge Tuesday: Run 3.06 miles, FitDesk 5 miles Wednesday: Walk 2.03 miles, Core Challenge Thursday: FitDesk 10.87 miles Friday: Run 3.4 miles, FitDesk 8

Hood to Coast movie

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hood to Coast is the world’s largest relay race. Teams of 12 runners split themselves into two vehicles and each runner takes multiple legs to run the entire 199 mile distance.  It lasts two days, and yes… runners continue through the night in

HB TuneBand

Reading Time: 1 minute My latest gadget for holding my iPhone while running: the HB TuneBand.  I’d seen this advertised in the pages of Women’s Running magazine, so I was excited to give it a go. My complete review can be found on TheRUNiverse.