My 3rd Stitch Fix

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I was so excited to get my 3rd Stitch Fix… I really get a kick out of a box of surprise clothing showing up at my house! But if I’m going to be completely honest, I was a little disappointed this time around. Let’s just jump in, okay?

This shirt is just…well, weird. It hangs funny, it is super wrinkly and I don’t know if it’s supposed to be that way or if it’s going to require a lot of ironing, it’s white and dry-clean only and I’m a mother of a toddler… Oh, and the biggest problem is that it is SUPER DUPER SHEER! I wore a tank under it for this, which I could always do, but the other strikes against it make me think this one is a RETURN.

Stitch Fix - White Top

This cardigan has the potential to be cute, but I think I don’t really care for that much floppy material dangling in front of me. I have a cardigan that is a knit material that kind of drapes that way, it’s okay but I’ve found it has the potential to annoy me sometimes. Add in the weight of a sweater and it annoyed me right from putting it on. So this one will have to be RETURN.

Stitch Fix - Cardigan

I like the way this one feels and the way it hangs. I don’t have anything this color, so that’s a bonus. I loved that my Stitch Fix stylist recommended that I pair it with my blue polka dot pants, so that’s what I did! But as I was trying it on, I was kind of aware that it was just under 70° outside, I live in Las Vegas and it’s getting warmer… buying sweaters at this time of year is probably not wise as I wouldn’t get much use out of them for a while. So I’m being prudent in this regard and this one will be RETURN.

Stitch Fix - Sweater

I was super excited to try these on and they’re definitely the best fitting “boyfriend” jean I’ve ever tried on…

Stitch Fix - boyfriend jeans

However, there are a couple of fit issues that I worry about. The waist is pretty big and I worry that as the jeans loosened up during the day that the waist might feel even worse. And due to the waist being larger, if I crouch down they give me a lovely case of coin-slot… which is a terrible look on everyone! So because of this, I think they are RETURN. (boo hoo)

Stitch Fix - jeans waist

They also sent me a cute little necklace, it’s a dainty little thing that clocks in at $48 and I just don’t think it’s worth the price and I have plenty of other necklaces that are similar in theme. So that one is a RETURN too. [Photo of necklace added 2/28/2014]

Necklace from Stitch Fix

So add that up… not a single KEEP? WAH… but that’s okay, I will still order another Fix. Maybe give it a couple of months and see what they can come up with me for warm (aka hot) Las Vegas summers!

If you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix, sign up using my referral link... I get a credit and that makes me happy!

I have to ship it all back Monday morning, so if you feel strongly that I’m wrong on something, convince me in the comments!


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