Friday Fête

So, you know what sucks? Feeling like you’re never going to be healthy for longer than a couple of weeks! This winter has been rough, we’ve been passing colds around the house like crazy.  People tell me that is just the way life goes with infants/toddlers, especially when you send them to childcare. BAH!

I got two pairs of BEAUTIFUL new running shoes: Saucony Virrata and Saucony Virrata 2. Have I had a chance to get out and test them? Nope… Wednesday morning is when Alex and I woke up sick. By that night, Kevin was coming down with it.


XYIENCE is looking for athletes & fitness influencers in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, Oklahoma City, Minneapolis, Austin and Des Moines to join the PowertoWin Team!  They’re expanding beyond their MMA community to work with individuals who live and promote an active/healthy lifestyle through running, cycling, crossfit, etc. People who are accepted on the team get gear, social media exposure and possibly some bucks toward race entries/travel! Applications are being accepted March 1 to April 15 (tax deadline!) XYIENCE is headquartered here in Las Vegas!

powered by xyience

Speaking of taxes… I hate this season. #JustSayin (Yeah, I hashtagged in the middle of my blog post, what of it?!) It’s my husband’s busy season at work so he’s always gone, but it’s always at this time that I get really annoyed as I’m reminded how much money I pay in taxes to a state where I don’t live. One downside of telecommuting. I seem to recall learning something about “no taxation without representation”… guess that’s a fallacy!

I’ve been negative here, so on a more positive note, I got my 3rd Stitch Fix yesterday. I need to take pictures of everything, but I plan on posting about it next week!

I want to change my blog theme… and my hair cut… and hair color… I guess I have an itch for change! I saw online that if you have blue eyes you should dye your hair light blond or dark brown to really make your eyes pop. I don’t know that I’d have the guts to go dark brown!

On Monday Alex and I were at Trader Joe’s, a woman looked at her and said, “She’s got the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen.” Then she looked at me and said, “She’s got YOUR beautiful blue eyes.” Ah… the little things that brighten an entire day!

My kid always has food in her hands in pictures, it’s the only time she slows down enough to get a shot!


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