First Trimester Running

Running during my first trimester of pregnancy has been… interesting to put it mildly and downright difficult to be straightforward.
Holy Shit!

On December 17 I ran a 5K. [Come Run With Santa 5K]  I was still running pretty regularly at that time.  I had just found out a few days before that race that I was expecting.  I still wasn’t feeling that ill though.  Just a little “wonky,” which is really the only way I can think to describe it.  I didn’t run my fastest, or even what I know I’m typically capable of… but it was okay.  (I even got 3rd in my age group, LOL!)

Shortly after that though I started feeling queasy.  And a few days after that I was struck with a pregnancy-caused UTI.  That was the real start of my downward spiral.

At the end of the Team Challenge season, my goal was to do 3 half-marathons in 6 weeks during January and the beginning of February.  I hadn’t registered, I was going to sign up on the day that I was brought to a screeching halt with that UTI.  I guess it was a good thing, because then I didn’t waste money on half marathons I wouldn’t have the energy to complete.

I tried to keep up with a workout schedule, doing either a strength workout or a run after work on weekdays.  But after each of those workouts I was even more queasy and tired, and by the weekend I was basically worthless.  I could hardly motivate myself to get out of pajamas I was so tired.  I had to give myself permission to rest more.

I ran another 5K during this time, on January 21. [Chefs for Kids 5K] In order to be able to have energy to do that race, I rested all week.  You hear that?  I had to TAPER all week just to have energy to run a 5K!  And the moment I started to run, my breathing felt very labored, like I was having a continual asthma attack throughout the race.  It was a little bit slower than the earlier 5K, but I still came in under 30 minutes which pleased me.  That was one of the first moments that I felt truly hungry in pregnancy… they had pancakes after and I felt like I could have scarfed down about 20.  However, they were running behind because their grills had blown out, so it wouldn’t have been appropriate to eat all of those!  Plus, I started feeling queasy again about 30 minutes after that so I’m glad I didn’t have a gut full of pancakes.

And since that race? I haven’t hardly run at all.  I have been walking regularly.  On a few of those walks with Jade, we’ve run a block and then walked a few, trying to intersperse some running.  I’ve run barefoot on my treadmill a couple of times for a few minutes.  But overall, I’m not running much because I have felt crummy physically.

I had nausea and terrible heartburn. Those don’t really play well with running.  My latest symptom is that my breathing feels labored all the time.  At my appointment yesterday, my midwife said that some women with asthma get better with pregnancy, some stay the same and some get worse… and it looks like I’m in the “worse” camp.

But as of today I am officially in my 2nd trimester.  I’m hoping that my energy increases and that some of the other physical ailments ease up.  Everyone tells me that will happen… I’m hoping that holds true for me.

Also at my appointment yesterday I had an ultrasound, part of their testing for down syndrome.  The ultrasound was kind of cool because it actually looks like a little baby in there.  My first ultrasound just looked like a blob.  This ultrasound showed a clear outline of a face:
Last Day of 1st Trimester

and feet:
Last Day of 1st Trimester

and thumbsucking:
Last Day of 1st Trimester

And those kind of blew my mind a little.


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