Fuel Review: Gatorade G Series

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I received an email from a local grocery store about the weekly e-coupons available. As usual, I took a glance at them although I rarely choose to apply any of the “deals” to my shoppers card. (Usually the coupons are for twinkies and extreme nacho cheese tortilla chips and baby wipes… things I don’t buy. Plus a topic that could get me going on a rant about the availability of processed foods vs. whole foods and that’s really not what this post is about.) One of the e-coupon options was to get a free bottle of Gatorade Perform with the purchase of Prime and Recovery. These were a new item to me, so I decided to check it out. I clicked the “Add Deal” button and the next time I was at the store, I picked up the trio.

Gatorade G Series
The new Gatorade G Series was introduced this spring. It’s meant to be a whole system to take you from pre-workout all the way through your post-workout fueling.

The lineup starts with Prime, a 100 calorie drink in a 4-ounce pouch that is designed to be consumed 15 minutes before your workout. It contains carbohydrates to “kick start your muscles”, B-vitamins to “aid in energy metabolism” and electrolytes so “you can make a statement early”. Besides the fact that I have no idea what they mean by the “make a statement early” line (sarcasm alert!), the overall premise makes sense. The weird thing is that it comes in a pouch. It’s like you’re taking a giant gel… except that it’s liquid. They claim that it comes in this format so it is easy to stash in your locker, desk or purse. While I would prefer to drink from a bottle, I liked this. I can’t make a definitive claim one way or the other, but I felt like my 8 mile run the day I drank this was super easy, even though the sun was blazing full-force.

The next level is Perform, the drink meant to be consumed during exercise. I’m not sure what I can say… I mean, it’s Gatorade or G2. I think most runners (and many couch potatoes) have consumed this regularly enough to know what it’s like.

The third step in the system is Recover. It contains 60 calories and 8 grams of protein in an 8 ounce serving, there are 2 servings in the bottle. It’s a whey protein, a milk-based protein, thus I usually avoid this. And once again, just like with the Cheribundi recovery drink I’m putting my intestinal fortitude on the line for this blog. Unlike the Cheribundi, I hated this. I drank one swallow and put the lid back on. It tasted intensely sweet and it felt like it coated my mouth when I drank it. I just wasn’t a fan of this and couldn’t swallow any more.

Interestingly enough, after I bought the G Series system and tried it out, I started seeing advertisements for it everywhere. I would consider buying the Prime option again. I occasionally drink G2 (I actually carried a packet of it with me in a half marathon, mixed it up part way through after mainly consuming nuun and the little carbohydrate hit was quite welcome). But the Recover drink isn’t for me. But it is definitely a good alternative for someone looking for recovery drink options that aren’t the standard chocolate/vanilla options and can tolerate whey… and enjoy the sweet flavor.

This review was sparked by my seeing a new product, interest in trying it out, buying it and subjecting myself to this test trial. No compensation or free product from anyone. And the line about the recovery drink being a good option for people looking for different flavors came from Lisa‘s comment on the Cheribundi post, it was a solid point.


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