Weekend Running Wrap

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This weekend I didn’t have time to do a long run. On Saturday I got to briefly catch-up with a friend who was coming through town, this was at 8:00 AM. Then I had to drive 25 miles across town to be at my 9:00 AM First Aid/CPR class that lasted until 4:00 PM.

So I kind of fudged the long run and stretched it over Saturday and Sunday. That’s kind of the same, right? 😉 Actually it is kind of sad that I didn’t have the time to devote to a long run this weekend since we’re having a little bit of a cool snap. Being able to do an early morning run in the 70’s in August is a little like Christmas come early!

Saturday morning, just before the sun appeared over the mountains.
Saturday morning, just before the sun appeared over the mountains.
Saturday morning I hit the road around 5:15 AM for roughly 5.5 miles around my neighborhood. It was about 72 degrees and I decided to head north from my neighborhood. The sun hadn’t quite come up, but as I was running I could tell it was about to peek out over the tops of the mountains. The sky was beautiful! I tried to snap a photo of the sky with my iPhone, but it really doesn’t do it any kind of justice.

The only problem was the blister on my right big toe, that has continually flared up since the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon. It was pretty nasty looking at the end of the run.

Sunday Morning Run
Sunday Morning Run
This morning I slept in a tiny bit longer, since I have a tendency to stay up a little later on Saturday nights. So I didn’t get on the road until around 6:00 AM. Due to this the sun was already lighting the sky, but at least it was still hovering in the low 70’s. Just so I didn’t have to repeat yesterday’s run, I headed east for variety.

I had to make a pit stop at a gas station while running, which sucks. I always feel like such a dork walking into the gas station all sweaty and heading straight back to the bathroom. And the patrons are always so interesting. I mean, why would someone go to a gas station to play a slot machine? And why would they go there at 6:30 AM? Seriously?!

Anyway, I ran 7.77 miles. I was hoping to get in 7-8 miles, so that seems to have filled that goal. I hadn’t planned out an exact route, just turned and ran on some familiar streets.

I did cover the toe blister with some crazy Band-Aid for blisters… it looks close to flesh color and it doesn’t have a typical cotton pad like most band-aids. It seemed to protect the spot pretty well. It’s still there, but it wasn’t on fire at the end of the run.

However, my feet felt cramped and uncomfortable. I have been trying to run in the New Balance 769’s I got from winning the New Balance Running on Hope contest. They feel fine for runs of 4 miles or less, but once I go further than that they start to feel very constricting. They’re way cute, but I’m thinking they won’t work for me on longer distances. Bummer. My Brooks Adrenalines are pretty worn out now too, they are starting to hurt my feet. New shoes may be in order.

So how was your weekend running?


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