Racevine Contest

A while I back I mentioned the site Racevine on here.

In an effort to build their database of races and reviews they are holding a contest. Some of the prizes up for grabs are:

  • Race entries
  • Running gear
  • Fuel
  • Tunes

All you gotta do is sign-up for an account and post a review, or two, or three… I know a lot of you have written some great race reviews on your blogs. Copy those details into Racevine!

I LOVE the concept of this site. And it’s really easy to read and navigate, a huge bonus over other sites that are trying to do too much.

Go read the details on the giveaway. Register and become a part of the site. It really seems cool.

One comment

  1. shhhhhhhhhhhh! i’m trying to win! 🙂

    hopefully the site will continue to grow because it is a great idea and could be a great resource for runners!

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