2021 Running Recap

Well, it’s been a minute since I last posted… life gets out of control sometimes and it feels like that much of the time lately. Just so bogged down in all the “should do” tasks that I neglect some of the “like to do” things in my life. Like posting on this site!

But I do take the time to fit in my running. It’s one of the only things I do just for me when the rest of my life is devoted to being a parent, spouse, and employee. And I’m pretty happy with the final numbers.

0 in-person races
6 races on my treadmill*
1227 miles run

I totally hit the wall on taking these photos regularly, mainly because the apps I’ve been using to keep them all organized crapped out on me, which made adding weather details and exporting them to a slideshow more difficult, so I got frustrated by it. But this is still the majority of my running for 2021 reflected here. Also, the music has a very hard out on this slideshow, which feels appropriate with the irritation I felt on the process and I didn’t feel like going back to refine it.

*I have a Nordictrack 2450 treadmill (old 2450, not the new 2022 version) that uses iFit technology. With that, you can run with trainers around the world on demand. But they also had a live race each month, where an iFit trainer ran a race happening somewhere in the world and people could join in live via their treadmill and run the race with the trainer. You have to join in at the time the race is happening to get the medal and the reward comes just by doing the race as part of your benefits of being an iFit member. You do have to wait a while for your medal to show up in the mail. I’m still waiting on my SantaCon 8K medal to arrive. Unfortunately, I didn’t clue into all of this until halfway through the year, so I missed out on the earlier opportunities to do live races! Not anymore though, I will do every single race in the future.

Also, if you are looking to get a treadmill… get one with a big screen or an incline trainer from Nordictrack. I think they released the 2950 a few months after I got my treadmill, so I didn’t have the option to get the large screen at the time. But it has a MUCH bigger screen and it’s beautiful. Or if I could do it all over, I’d get an incline trainer, so I can have a big screen and even more incline/decline options. I wonder if they have a trade-up option… I’ve had mine for maybe 5 years now.

Maybe I should write a whole post about iFit someday and my experience with it?

Maybe I’ll venture back out into the world for an in-person race again someday… it’s been since 2018 since I ran a race… 2019 was a bad year for me. Then we followed it up with two years of the pandemic. Not exactly conducive to a good racing life.

I wish everyone an excellent 2022 and that we don’t have a 2020-too. I would just like to leave you with this brilliant message I saw on Instagram.

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  1. The cool collection of medals for 2021 was probably interesting to take part in all these races and they gave you a lot of positive impressions from running.

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