Neat Feat Saver Line

Neat Feat Saver range of products
Saver line from Neat Feat

Antiperspirant for EVERYWHERE! That’s what you get with the Neat Feat Saver line. I mean, I suppose you could put your regular every day product on anywhere, but it would really be wrong in some places, like your hands and face? Let’s jump into these a little more, okay?

Body Saver Cream

Neat Feat Body Saver Cream

Not gonna lie, I feel a little bit silly saying on the internet that my favorite product from this line up is the one for BREASTS and BUTTOCKS. And even though I have not put it on the butt-ocks (Forrest Gump), I have applied the Body Saver under my breasts on several occasions and I really like it. I have soaked through bras on super hot Vegas days many a time and this really helps prevent that situation. I don’t worry about soaking a sports bra with sweat while running, because sweat happens. (It’s just sparkles, or something?) But in every day life? Yuck, no thanks. So this is a winner in my book! It is also good to prevent chafing, so you could put it between your legs or anywhere you may experience chafing.

Face Saver

When I’m running, I do find it annoying when I sweat along my nose and upper lip. A sweat ‘stache? Applying the Face Saver on my face pre-run helps to minimize that. I can sweat from my forehead or other spots because a hat can help collect that sweat. This is a gel so it feels nice when applied to the face. (Can you imagine rubbing a stick of a solid antiperspirant on your face? That would be kind of gross.) I don’t love the way this smells. I can’t think of any other way to describe it without being insensitive, but it kind of reminds me of old person smell? But the smell dissipates as the gel dries out, leaving behind no smell at all and less sweat.

Foot Saver

I don’t feel like my feet sweat an abnormal amount. But I do tend to run sockless when running on my treadmill. I have an old pair of Topo Tribute (they don’t even make this shoe anymore!) that I gravitate to for all my treadmill miles and they’re just even more comfy without socks. So rolling the Foot Saver on my feet before seems to keep my feet drier.

Hand Saver

I don’t think my hands sweat excessively either, but I wondered how the Hand Saver would feel. While this product isn’t something that will become part of my regular repertoire, it did feel nice rubbing it into my palms and I didn’t end up feeling like I had some kind of coating on them. For some reason, that is what I envisioned at first… feeling like you have a layer of something on your hands. (Which you kind of do, I guess?) This also has a smell that isn’t my favorite, but once more… it disappears pretty quickly. My kid said the room smelled like bath bombs after I applied the Hand Saver.

Overall, this lineup is thoughtfully designed with different consistencies for various body parts. If you struggle with excessive sweat, these could help you. But if you also just have a normal human amount of sweat and want to be less damp in certain spots or address chafing/hot spots, there is a product in this lineup for you too.

With all that said… sweating is also a magnificent ability that humans have to cool themselves and if you are ever interested in learning more about it, I highly recommend the book “The Joy of Sweat” by Sarah Everts. I found it interesting to learn more details about sweat mechanics and it made me grateful that I simply sweat rather than covering my body in excrement like some animals do to keep cool.

Disclosure: I received these products free for testing/review. Links in this post are affiliate links which may result in a few pennies coming my way.

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