StrideBox July 2021

StrideBox is a monthly subscription box for runners and this is what I received in this month’s box!

Movit Energy Gummies: It’s probably obvious, but they’re gummy bears with caffeine! I got two packs of these, the citrus flavor and the berry flavor.

Hustle Clean Unscented Body Wipe: This brand used to be known as Shower Pill, which I have tried and liked in the past. This is apparently a rebrand and they have some scented wipes too, but I received the unscented one. Pro Tip: Take these if you do a relay race or with you when you travel for a run for a quick post-run clean up.

Laird Superfood Creamer: I’ve wanted to try this, I’ve seen it at Costco but I hesitate to buy a big package of something I haven’t tried before. This is made with coconut milk powder, so it’s dairy-free!

Munk Pack Keto Granola Bar: I received the peanut butter flavor, but when I looked it up there are several other flavors too. I like that it’s plant based and I’m looking forward to tasting it, even though I don’t actually practice a keto diet.

Clif Shot Energy Gel in Citrus: This is a maltodextrin and cane sugar based energy gel for running, with caffeine from green tea extract.

Cooling Towel: This isn’t any specific brand of a cooling towel, but it follows the same principles of many cooling towels I’ve seen… wet it, snap it and take it with you on the go to help keep you cool. I should take it with me on my run this weekend. I could use it to wipe my face instead of using my shirt. It’s been so humid here in Vegas lately!

StrideBox is just $19.95 a month and in addition to all of the fun gear, you get a cool sticker, a recipe, and a workout card in the box.

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