StrideBox January 2021

Thunderbird Bar: Chocolate Almond Butter Sea Salt
With only 5 ingredients in the bar and no added sugars, these Thunderbird Bars have pretty solid ingredients. They also have a bunch of interesting sounding flavors that you can get in a variety pack on Amazon. (Texas Maple Pecan! Pecan Goji Pistachio! Almond Apricot Vanilla!)

Tailwind Rebuild: Coffee
This is the recovery product from Tailwind in coffee flavor. You just dump it into some water, shake it up and drink. It has no whey protein powder in it, which is interesting to me!

Boon Stroopwafel: Cinnamon Spice
These stroopwafels are from GU, but they’re different from the wafels sold under the GU label? There are fewer Boon flavors but they’re certified organic, so that may be the difference. No matter what, I like stroopwafels.

Hyland’s ArnicAid
These are little tablets that are supposed to help with pain/bruising. I’ve tried arnica for topical use on bruises and it seems to help. I’ve also used other tablet products from Hyland’s and they dissolve well and their teething tablets seemed to help my kiddo (that was some years ago!). – Hyland’s Store on Amazon.

Aloe Up: Hand Sanitizer
This is a convenient little tube of hand sanitizer that has a pen-clip to take it with you and it sprays on. It smells of citrus and rubs in well. This product is alcohol-free.

Vivoo: urine test strip
This is a urine test kit that has an app that coordinates with it. You pee on it (the strip, not the app) and it returns information on your help. I haven’t tried this yet but it made me laugh out loud to get something in my StrideBox that you’re supposed to pee on. But damn straight I’m interested in it and I feel like this should warrant it’s own post! Stay tuned…

It’s a red blinky/flashy light you can attach to yourself in some way when running in dim/dark conditions.

As usual… we’ve got the monthly sticker!

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