StrideBox December 2020

Contents of the December 2020 Stridebox

I got the December 2020 Stridebox in the mail the other day. It was fun to have a package arrive during this season that I could open and enjoy the contents for myself. The norm right now is a bunch of stuff I’ve ordered for my kid and my spouse arriving!

Jimmy Protein Bar in Citrus Burst

This is the new flavor, Citrus Burst, from Jimmy Bars. This one has a lot of ingredients designed to help boost immunity, which we could all use during this season of a pandemic along with typical winter flus and colds. (Buy Jimmy Bar on Amazon – affiliate link)

ATAQ chocolate protein powder
ATAQ protein powder in Chocolate

ATAQ protein powder in chocolate flavor. I haven’t had a chance to test this yet, but I like that it doesn’t have added ingredients and it doesn’t have any whey protein powder. I tend to stick to plant-based protein powders because they’re easier on the gut. (Buy ATAQ on Amazon – affiliate link)

Salted Cocoa Untapped

Salted Cocoa Untapped maple-syrup running fuel. I’m excited to try this on a long run… it’s maple syrup, cocoa and salt. That seems like a foolproof combination to me. Or maybe I’ll just put it on pancakes. (Shop Untapped on Amazon – affiliate link)

Dr. Price’s Electrolyte Drink

Dr. Price’s Electrolyte mix in Tropical flavor. This is a completely new brand to me, but I really liked the flavor of this. Definitely a strong mango-y flavor, so if that’s not your jam you may be better off trying one of their other flavors. Which I may need to do, since I liked how this one settled on the move! (Shop Dr. Price’s on Amazon – affiliate link)

Capsiva Pain Relieving Gel sample

Capsiva is a pain relief gel with capsaicin as the active ingredient. At first I thought it might be something that helps to heat up sore spots, but that’s exactly the opposite of it. It uses capsaicin (like you find in hot peppers) but does NOT have heat. It has a chemical-y smell when first putting it on, but it doesn’t linger. I wanted to feel this instant impact of relief, but it doesn’t seem to work that way. I must need to test it more. (Get Capsiva on Amazon – affiliate link)

Mini Foot Roller from Roller Fitness. All of the info on this says it’s to roll out your feet, and that feels good. But I’ve also found that I really like rolling it between my palms. I find that my hands hurt at the end of each work day now. Typing on a computer and using a mouse all day for decades is taking a toll on my hands and this just feels nice.

December 2020 sticker

There is a sticker in every StrideBox with a cool message. I’ve collected quite a few of them over the years. What should I do with them? How do I display them without putting stickers on my phone or laptop or car or whatever? Who’s crafty?

Got a runner in your life who still needs a gift? Consider gifting them a subscription to StrideBox. Or gifting it to yourself! No shame in that!

(What does an affiliate link mean? It means that when you follow the link to buy something, anything, on Amazon they will give me a little tiny kickback so I can keep this site up and running. Amazon doesn’t pay me to place things here, I choose what I post about and if Amazon sells it then I can link to it with an affiliate link. As a consumer, it doesn’t cost you anything additional. If you follow the links, I thank you for the support.)

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