43 CBD Tincture and Salve

A while back I received a CBD tincture and pain-relief salve from 43 CBD. And I’m really really really tardy in writing something about them on this site. I’m blaming the pandemic. (Disclaimer: I received free product to review.)

43 CBD Tincture and Deep Tissue Balm

Let’s start with the tincture… I received the Full Spectrum tincture, but they do offer THC-free ones. Just because this is full spectrum, does not mean that I experienced any kind of high from it. In fact, I’m not sure I experienced anything from it. I had high hopes for this. I am a bundle of anxiety and stress and I guess I hoped it would miraculously make me feel like a normal human being all of the sudden.

Or at least, what I assume a normal human being feels like. I can’t really imagine NOT having all this stress and tension inside. But I assume it must be delightful.

But in all seriousness, I wanted to feel something different when I took it, but I just didn’t. And I don’t know if that means I should take more. Or take it at a different time. Or at the exact same time every day. Or just on specific days.

I received the peppermint flavor, but it also comes in cinnamon and natural. The peppermint tasted fine, no really weird herbal flavors peaking through. Consuming a dropperful of an oil is weird to me, strange mouthfeel. But I can tolerate it, if I saw some amazing benefits.

A bottle of this retails for $80, but they also have a lower dose of 500mg for $45 and a stronger 2000mg dose for $150. They have also released a seasonal pumpkin spice flavor of their oils.

43 CBD Full Spectrum Tinctures

43 CBD THC-Free Tinctures

CBD Salve from 43 CBD

Next up, the Ultra Deep Tissue CBD Salve. I really liked how this felt on sore spots, it seemed to provide a good tingle and pain relief. It works pretty quickly as you get a cooling and tingling sensation that deadens the pain, then it lasts for a while. I also find the scent kind of relaxing, like a form of aromatherapy. My daughter told me I smelled good when I put it on my chronically knotted neck/shoulder.

They have 3 different levels of salve available on their site, plus they come in both a regular size and a pocket tin size. (I’m holding the pocket tin size.) The pocket tin sizes range in price from $15-$20, so this is a pretty good entry point to try one of them.

The only qualm I have with this is that it is pretty thick and it comes in a tin/tub style container. This means when I’ve used it, I have usually just rubbed a couple of fingers around the top of the salve to get some on my fingers, then messaged it into a trigger-point. If you were looking for a much broader application (like all over an aching back) it’s going to be harder to apply since it’s not as spreadable or squeezable as a cream or gel type pain-relief product would be.

You can visit the 43 CBD website to learn more about them and shop everything they have available. They are a Colorado company, and as such are sold at a lot of physical locations in CO, but there are a few other states that have stores carrying their products. But in times of COVID-19, isn’t it just easier to order online anyway?

PLUS… as of this posting through November 27, 2020 they are having a “Black Friday” sale where you can get 30% off your order. The details are splashed on their site, so make sure to take note of that.

Just because I didn’t have a miracle moment with the tincture, doesn’t mean that I’m not impressed. The products seem like quality and their price point is right in between being suspiciously low and outrageously high. And I would be totally down to try taking the tincture again. Plus, I really do like the salve for spot treatment!

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