T.I.L.: Rockay Arm Warmers

I like a good arm warmer… they’re really versatile, especially for February-April here in Las Vegas as my morning runs can feel kind of cold at first but as you get about 2 miles into it, you’re warmer. Enter the arm warmer… the perfect solution for this kind of weather.

I’m also always kind of thinking about the possibility of using arm warmers in the summer months. I don’t really want to be any warmer than necessary in the heat of a Las Vegas summer, so maybe I shouldn’t call them “arm warmers” in those months, but rather “arm protectors” because that sun can be intense and it rises super early.

Today I Learned: Rockay Arm Warmers

(Well, I read the email yesterday. But Yesterday I Learned isn’t as internet-y.)

These arm warmers from Rockay intrigued me because they specifically say they add versatility to keep you comfortable on cooler days, but also have mesh ventilation to help vent the heat on warm days while adding protection.

They come in 4 colors. They are selling on the Rockay site right now for $35.96, but that seems to be a sale price down from $49.95.

I haven’t tried these, I can’t vouch for them. I just think they look pretty cool and great for this time of year. Maybe a wee bit late for Vegas weather, but still useful.

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