T.I.L: Running & Face Masks

Never in my life did I think that I would consider running face masks a thing. But here we are…

Running Skirts:

The company Running Skirts is providing a free Keep It Chill cooling neck/face wrap with every purchase of $40 or more. They’ve even made instructions on how to turn it into a face mask.

Kea Peak

Kea Peak makes top knot trucker visors. They’re super cute and, although I don’t do the top knot style ever, I have considered buying one. But then again, trucker hats always make my peanut head look strange so I’m torn. But they have been making small batches of their happy face masks too. You’ll have to keep an eye on their social media for when each batch is on sale.

Kea Peak masks

Goodr Scumbag

Goodr, the maker of the best sunglasses ever, has a scarf they call the Scumbag. If you order $50 of Goodr products today (4/12/2020) you can get a free one. But they’re available to purchase at other times.

Goodr Scumbag scarf

* You can also look on Amazon for a Buff or countless other knockoff versions. This link is an affiliate link, so if you were to follow it and purchase off Amazon a tiny commission would be thrown my way. Maybe enough to go toward 1/8 of a pack of toilet paper if toilet paper is ever back in stock. 🙂 But buying from these companies supports some solid small businesses and none of the purchase price lines my pocket, it’s all for them to cover their costs.

T.I.L. = Today I Learned

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