Workout at Home: OpenFit Edition

I’ve learned that the OpenFit app is giving people a 30-day free trial during this time where we all have to social distance ourselves.

I reviewed the OpenFit app a little while ago. Since then they’ve expanded to a lot more live, real-time classes in the app and have added Pilates. In fact, I did an XTend Barre: Pilates workout this morning.

I’m not 100% sure if you have to put in a credit card to start your free trial. They’re a business and obviously hope you’ll sign up for the service after the trial. You do need to create an account to sign up, and since I already have an account I didn’t want to create another one to test the code.

But even if you can’t or don’t want to continue, at least this is an opportunity for you to have some more workout variety in this insane COVID-19 world we’re living in right now.

You need to visit their website at:
and use the code: FRIENDSFAM

Again, I will mention, I get nothing from sharing this or if you sign up. Just spreading the news.

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