February 2020 StrideBox

It’s time to take a look at the February 2020 StrideBox contents!

Untapped salted raspberry athletic fuel

Untapped salted raspberry gel: This is interesting, because it feels really liquid-y. The packet is a little taller than a typical gel, I assume because it’s a thinner consistency. I haven’t tasted it yet, but it looks promising.

Click Coffee & Protein

Click Protein Coffee in vanilla latte: This is milk-based, so I won’t be sampling it. But it’s a cool concept, a coffee drink with 16g of protein. It also has 5g of sugar added.

Taos Bakes pb chocolate + butterscotch bar

Taos Bakes pb chocolate & butterscotch bar: This is made with a mix of grains; corn, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth. It’s also got flax and chia seeds in it. It’s not super high protein (5g) but the ingredients are all things you’d recognize.

Barnana peanut butter bites

Barnana peanut butter banana bites: These are dehydrated banana bits covered in peanut butter. They’re not hard, crispy things like banana chips, these bananas still retain a moist chewy texture. If my kid’s school wasn’t nut free, I’d send these to school with her.

Doctor Hoy's pain relief and arnica boost sample packets

Doctor Hoy’s pain relief gel and arnica boost: Tiny little sample packets of two different products. You can use them separately or together. I do like arnica for bruising support, it seems like when I have arnica on hand and use it on bruises, they don’t last as long.

StrideBox 2oz multi-use containers.

StrideBox essentials 2oz multi-use containers: These can be filled with your favorite gel to take along on a run, or maybe you make your own mix of something. (UCAN can be made into a thicker version for fueling on the run, I used that when I ran Boston.) Or you could fill them with shampoo or conditioner and take them on a trip. I would recommend that once you dedicate one to shampoo, you probably don’t want to switch it to gel later on.

Heart & Sole - monthly StrideBox sticker
The monthly sticker.

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