OptiShokz Crowdfunding Campaign

I love running, I love technology, and the intersection of where the two meet always makes me happy. In fact, if I could be paid to just test fitness and wellness technology that would be my dream world!

So I just wanted to share the new campaign from AfterShokz for their bone-conduction sunglasses. They’re really tempting me. As much as I like my Goodr shades, I would love to give these a go and see how they work. I have a pair of AfterShokz that I use on the treadmill. I don’t really like wearing them with sunglasses while running outside. (Combine a hat in the mix and it all gets really cumbersome on my peanut head!) But if you combine the¬†sunglasses with the AfterShokz technology…. that seems like it could really work well!

Note: The ambitious side of me feels like I would love to share more of these campaigns on here. The exhausted, time-crunched, realistic side of me says, “Perhaps…. we’ll see.”

2020 Note: I backed this, received the shades. One side didn’t have any sound. I got a return slip from the company, shipped my OptiShokz back to them for replacement and here we are 9 months later and I haven’t heard anything about it. So it appears I WASTED my money because I have nothing to show for it. I’m incredibly disappointed in the company for not following up with me on this.

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