Sprigs Banjees Armband [Review]

I needed a new armband for running, so I decided to order the Sprigs Banjees armband from Amazon. The other one I have is having velcro issues… meaning, the velcro strap is not holding. And that’s a problem. Nobody wants their phone flying off their arm midrun.


  • Lightweight
  • It pulls on, so no velcro strap to wear out
  • It’s washable


  • The strap to secure it goes right across the lightning port on my iPhone, and that also serves as the headphone jack.
  • The material is so thin, I’m pretty sure I’d sweat through onto my phone. I don’t want to sweat on my phone.
  • It’s nearly impossible to slide your phone back into the armband if you pull it out once the armband is on your arm.

I think this is an innovative design and it gets a lot of very positive reviews. But it just won’t work for me, I want to be able to pull my phone out to take a photo or respond to a Slack message if needed. And I want my armband to help protect my phone from my sweat. So this is going back… but I still need to find a new armband.

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Have you tried this armband? Do you love it, because the people of Amazon sure seem to love it? How do you carry your phone on the run?


  1. Hi Jill!
    I forgot my armband when I went to run my last marathon…shout out to the organizers of Salt Lake City Marathon…so while walking through the expo my wife saw State Farm giving them away if you gave them your e-mail, etc. I don’t feel bad because I told them I was a State Farm customer. The armband worker, but I had to leave the Otter Box case at home. Right now when I run it is easier to just carry my phone for the hour instead of pulling it out of the Otter Box case. Cheers!

    • I’m glad the free armband worked! But I hear you, it’s a pain to pull your phone in/out of the case for shorter runs.

      I should do the SLC marathon someday. I used to live there. 🙂

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