Episode 3: Boston Marathon and Foot Exfoliation

Boston Marathon & Foot Exfoliation: Episode 3 of the Jill Will Run Show-ish

Do these two topics even go together? Well, since they were rattling around in my brain at the same time I guess so. But I’m not sure the world needs a mash-up of everything bouncing around in my head right now. But this is what we’ve got after today’s run!

It’s not a full week after the 2018 running of the Boston Marathon, so I’m still within a reasonable time frame to post about it, right? Des Linden’s win was pretty exciting and darn work gets in the way! And I think the 2018 weather was even worse than it was in 2015 when I ran the race. But running the Boston Marathon is one of the highlights of my life and it definitely went a long way to making me feel like a complete individual separate from just being a “mom”. The course, energy, organization, atmosphere… it’s all amazing and I would run it again in a heartbeat if I had the chance.

My Boston Marathon experience: Part 1 and Part 2

It’s summer and sandal season and we’re supposed to make sure our feet don’t look like hobbit feet right now, right? Something like that… I don’t get regular pedicures and while I don’t have hideous feet, I did have some dry, callused spots on my heels. So I tried a foot exfoliating mask. The one-word review is: Yikes! Longer review: It works, but I’m not sure it’s worth it. And I’m still peeling 3 weeks after applying it.

Foot Exfoliating Masks: Bella Beauty Labs (one I tried) – Baby Foot

Instead of chemically burning off my flesh, I think in the future I will try gel heel socks to soften my calluses, but not completely destroy them.

And since I made a little faux pas while talking and said in the audio it was my “manic ramblings” which is the name of another podcast, here’s a link to that one: Manic Rambling Spiral They don’t need my promotion, since they are much larger than me. But I figured I’d give them credit since listening to it is probably how the phrase even popped into my head.

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