Hi-Lyte Electrolyte Drops – No calories or sugar

Hi-Lyte Electrolyte Drops
I was sent a bottle of Hi-Lyte Electrolyte Drops for free to review on my site. All opinions here are my honest reaction to the product.

I don’t really care for the typical sugary electrolyte drinks, they don’t sit well in my gut and I just don’t feel like I need all of those extra sugars. I like candy, I use my sugar quote to eat sweets. (I don’t really have a sugar quota.) Anyway…. all that to say I don’t want to drink the readily available electrolyte drinks but I’m a salty sweater and I need to replenish electrolytes. I feel better when I take care of that, even after shorter runs.

Hi-Lyte is an electrolyte concentrate that you can add to water or juice or whatever beverage you may be drinking. Just add 12 drops to 8 oz. of water (or a 1/2 tsp to 32 oz. water… or other beverage) and you’ve got an electrolyte drink that provides magnesium, sodium, potassium, zinc, and chloride.

Hi-Lyte nutrition panel

They say it is tasteless… and it mostly is. It doesn’t give your water a dramatic flavor, there is a slight alteration to how the water tastes out of the tap and I guess if you put a ton of this into too small amount of water you’d really taste it. But I find it refreshing and my body seems to crave it after a run. I finish my weekday runs, come back home, fill a glass with some water, add about 12 drops, and drink.

It’s got a bunch of no’s to mention: no calories, no sugar, no gluten, no banned substances, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no GMO’s.

It’s got the highest concentration of zinc, magnesium, and potassium in a concentrate. It is really good to go in a hydration bladder because it’s not going to leave residues behind that need to be cleaned out or will feed molds.

Hi-Lyte electrolyte side panel

You can buy a bottle of Hi-Lyte on Amazon for $15.74. Considering that you’ll probably get about 48 servings from this bottle, it’s a really great deal. Plus, if you use Amazon’s Subscribe and Save, the cost goes down 5% or 15% (depending on how many items you order through the program.)

Oh… and another thing to note: Hi-Lyte is also the best-selling rehydration product for hangover relief and recovery. So… if that’s your thing. Or you could just not drink to that point. Because ugh…. plus you’ll never be able to get out to train the next day if that’s how you indulge. (Unless you’re the Angry Jogger.)

I really do like Hi-Lyte and I think this will be something I purchase again in the future. (I say “think” because I feel like I try most products out there so I can be informed. I truly loathe some of them and find some tolerable, but I rarely stick with anything long enough to build a hydration relationship with it because I’m always experimenting!) But if you don’t like the sugary drinks, look this up!


    • I didn’t know they’d released capsules in this brand, but I have taken other electrolyte capsules during endurance events, but I wouldn’t look at them as an every day item.

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