Angry Jogger [Book Review]

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Angry JoggerI recently read this book. The author is definitely angry! (He’s got a whole blog by the same name.)

I did get a kick out of the expletive-laced mantras he came up with to get him through runs in his early running days, I felt extremely nauseated at the amount of alcohol and crap food he ate, and I laughed at the insults he came up with (some verbalized, some left in his head) for people he came across.

The trips he recounts of coming to Vegas to run the Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon here are so far outside of my life of living in Las Vegas, but amusing still. I forget the debauchery this town is known for at times and he fully embraced it. (Well, the drunken and gluttonous side of things. I don’t know what other “sins” he participated in here in Sin City, don’t want to know.)

The book was an entertaining read. You can get it in paperback or Kindle, but if you subscribe to Amazon Kindle Unlimted, it’s a free read.

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