Less or More?

Real Simple magazine on the racks - January 2017 issue
I saw this issue of @real_simple while grocery shopping the other day. It immediately made me start to think (perhaps I should pick up the issue and read the article) about how I can have “less” in my life. I’m super stressed and it just keeps getting worse and worse. It’s taking a toll on me physically and mentally.

But the problem, every time I think of things that I could remove/reduce in my life to try and free up space are the things that I enjoy. The things that I wish I had more time for. I could just max out my runs at 3-5 miles a time. I could stop writing my blog. And…. those are the two things that I basically do for me.

I would love to free up more time to attend fitness classes, and learn new skills for my career, and get my masters degree, and learn how to make tortillas from scratch, and re-learn how to sew, and run an ultra, and regularly use my Massage Envy membership that I pay for, and sleep, and take a bubble bath, and…. well, MORE. Not less.

But to have time for all of that I’d probably have to give LESS to my job and LESS to my child, the two things that consume my life. My poor dog already gets far less attention than she did before the kid was born. I do far fewer races than I did before having a kid. I don’t coach, I don’t run with friends, I barely have a social life. The main way I read books is to listen to audiobooks while running. Everything is multitasking.

I get ideas about how I could improve my blog. I’ll build and maintain an email list. I’ll monetize more. I’ll post more often. I’ll revive TheRUNiverse. I’ll work with ALL the companies that reach out to me. But those all would take significant time to make successful. And despite all the things I read/hear from other bloggers, I don’t know if I want to turn this into an actual business. I include affiliate links and every now and then some pennies (or dollars) show up in my accounts and it helps cover the costs of running the site. I couldn’t actually pay any real world bills with the hay penny I earn here. And do I want to turn this into an actual LLC and be a legitimate business? Some days yes, some days no. I mean… I’m not comfortable selling my kid out to product reviews and I’m not comfortable posting a bazillion selfies of myself quoting silly taglines to illustrate how I use a product.

Just a big fat sigh… I’m feeling gloomy. I’d blame 2016 like everyone else has been for anything bad lately, but it’s been building longer than just this calendar year. #sigh

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  1. Finding balance is one of the hardest things to do. New jobs get added at work and how do you get it all done but work longer hours. If your salaried, don’t do the math to figure what your really earning. Running is my passion. I’m not speedy so I will never earn any money running. I’d like to write a book…a blog might help with that. If you do what your passionate about, the money will follow and you’ll never ‘work” again. Great post. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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