Yesterday was my 37th birthday. I would love to entertain you with stories about my exciting day/night out in Las Vegas… but that’s not what happened. In fact, the whole day was kind of a let down. I think my kid wasn’t feeling 100%, (the throwing up at the grocery store TWICE the day before could have been an indicator, right?) but it made her super irritable. So every suggestion on things to do was met with either NO! or whining or sobbing.

Me with my daughter on my 37th birthday.
One moment where she wasn’t furious. But even here I can tell she’s not feeling great.

So pretty much by the end of the day, I was feeling like I wanted to respond to every suggestion with a NO! or whining or sobbing.

I had a delusion maybe I could convince my husband we should go to REI and purchase a Garmin 920xt… cause the family needs that, right? And I got this idea that for a “birthday resolution” I would start a run streak and it would be exciting to have a device that linked my Zero Runner and outdoor miles. But 1) there’s no way he’s going to support that purchase right now unless I sell my other GPS and 2) after going to buy a new pair of sandals and get some lunch the kid was so grumpy that I didn’t want to go anywhere else.

Birthday resolutions? What? A friend recently posted on Facebook that she sets those each year as that seems like a better and more personal timing for setting a goal or resolution. I thought that sounded like a good idea. But I didn’t really think about anything in particular that I REALLY want to work on. So I made the spur-of-the-moment choice to start a streak: 1 mile a day for the year. But then I changed it to 1 mile a day for however long I felt like. And then after my husband’s response to the idea of the streak, “Why? That’s crazy.” I felt like I needed to re-evaluate. So… I don’t have an official streak plan anymore. Shortest lived goal ever.

1 mile inside before my strength workout. #running #shoeselfie #runselfie

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//platform.instagram.com/en_US/embeds.jsAlso… I’m guessing that people who really do running streaks have the most supportive/encouraging spouses in the world or maybe nobody else in their life. Oh… and I have no birthday resolution because really I just feel too tired to think about it anymore. What I really want is a few days off where I can actually feel relaxed and recharge. This week of taking vacation leave but still responding to work emails and trying to entertain a little girl who is feeling slightly ill is more exhausting than just working. I kind of feel like if I look too far ahead in life, I just start getting stressed. I’m basically just trying to make it through each day right now. 

I got the latest StrideBox in the mail though and I did manage to pick through that while sitting with my kid.

#stridebox August 2015 contents – still need to dig in and learn more about each item! #sp #running

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There are a lot of things in here I’m excited to try and some that I’m just happy to learn about new things in the industry but don’t know if I care to try them.

  • Amrita energy bar – a fruit/sunflower seed based bar
  • E-Gel by Crank Sports – sports gel with a lot of electrolytes
  • Honey Stinger grapefruit chews – it says they are a sweet/sour flavor, I like sour things!
  • EFS Pro Cucumber Water – this is an electrolyte/endurance fuel drink.
  • Pure Clean Powder beet juice powder – this one I’m excited about, I’ve heard lots about all the benefits of beets for athletes
  • Sportea – I’ve seen a couple of tea products hit the market lately marketed toward athletes, seems an interesting blend of things that are beneficial for endurance.
  • Dr. Hoy’s pain relief gel – an arnica and vitamine E topical paint reliever
  • All Good sunscreen stick – a zinc oxide sunscreen stick that is good for the face as well as for kids.

This month StrideBox wants to see where people run, so they’re asking for people to show off their favorite running trail and tag it on social media with #TagYourTrail.

Today has been a little bit better, we went to the children’s museum and had a lot of fun. But I still have a kiddo who isn’t feel great and she can’t seem to tell me what it is that’s wrong. I guess I understand, we’ve all had days where we just feel “off” but can’t pinpoint what it is that’s dragging us down. That’s where we’re at… and I’m pretty sure I’ll probably “catch” whatever this is next week. 🙂

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