Digipuppets Review

DigipuppetsWe were sent these Digipuppets free to review a few weeks back.

When we first opened the companion apps, I was a little worried that maybe my nearly-3-year-old might be a little young for some of the activities, but she jumped into the games and learned how to run them pretty fast. Zip’s Learning Adventure was by far our favorite, there are little math problems, letters, shapes, patterns.

My daughter learned the names of all the characters and had fun interacting with them, leading Zip the Zebra to meet his friends by getting through a bunch of knowledge based games, or following the story of Honey Bunny and the carrots. The apps are well done and they can be enjoyed by a variety of ages from Pre-K to early elementary.

The little puppets are meant to be worn on the fingers and can control the apps by using the puppets’ noses on the screen. For the most part, they were just little “friends” who sat nearby and watched or were held in the other hand while interacting with the app. In fact, the app play outlived the puppet play.

I know a lot of parents are way into restricting screen time. I have to admit I’m conflicted on this debate. Because these days there is so much that can be done on screens. So if she is engaged in learning activities, I’m completely on board. And these apps totally fit the bill in that regard. They require thought and interaction and attention. Zoning out in front of a show (or worse, the schlock that is all over YouTube for kids – the toy opening vids and such) is the real problem area to me.

Digipuppets were sent to me free for the purpose of review. Thoughts and opinions are always my own.

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