Do you do “athleisure”?

I’m sure you’ve heard the jokes/stories/truths about women wearing yoga pants all the time.

  • It’s a joke: we’re all too sloppy to care anymore.
  • It’s a reality: we like to be comfortable.
  • It’s a spark: a whole new category of clothing called “athleisure” has moved forward due to this.

Just to preface… I don’t wear yoga pants around all the time. I’m not sure if I even own yoga pants. I mean, I have several pairs of athletic capris. Some have a tendency to ride down if I run in them, so they have been relegated to the “yoga wear” designation but I don’t think they’re actually called “yoga pants”. And I definitely would never wear any of those pants for anything other than a workout. While I’m just as much of a fan of being comfortable as anyone else, I am NOT comfortable in skin-tight pants in everyday situations. There is a part of me that would still much rather disappear into baggy clothes. That’s why I dislike skinny jeans and I’m happy every time I hear a story that says they’ve reached their end.

But I also don’t want to look like a hobo or like I’m stuck in a 90’s fashion rut either. My high school and college years were comfortable though…

Girls in baggy 90's clothing - jeans and plaid

But the recent athleisure trend is seemingly everywhere. I receive catalogs in the mail, I receive marketing emails, I see online ads. And I start to think I need these items. And I can easily rack up $1000 of imaginary purchases in the matter of minutes while flipping through their sites/catalogs.

Jogger pants are just a different name for sweat pants. Something that was the ultimate in sloppy wear when I was younger. As in, this is what you wore when you were home sick. In the winter. And nobody would see you. But now we’ve added a few pockets, embellishments and VOILA! it’s completely fashionable. Take the Coaster Pant from Athleta.

Athleta Coaster Pant
Athleta Coaster Pant

Looks casual enough, but still pretty cute. But then in their blog, they take it to the next level and claim you can wear joggers to work (or on a date)!

Athleta Coaster Pant for Work?
Athleta Coaster Pant for Work?

I’m pretty sure I’d feel wrong if I wore those pants into the office (the times that I actually do go into the office.) It’s a cute look… but if I feel sloppy, I don’t feel good about myself.

Let’s look at Fabletics, Kate Hudson’s line of athletic apparel. I’m in love with all the capris I have bought from them and I recently placed an order for some shirts. They’re introducing more things that can carry over into the athleisure realm. Or at least, they say they can… “Loungewear for all day, every day.”

Fabletics Twist Tee II
Fabletics Twist Tee II

It’s a totally cute shirt! I could see wearing that to a barre class or a Surfset class, with a bra underneath! But I just don’t see wearing that out and about in my daily life. And I live somewhere that is really hot! There are people who actually wear bikini tops to the grocery store at times and I’m totally embarrassed for them when I see them.

I guess that’s part of the problem… it’s hot here in Vegas from May to October. And I don’t want to wear lots of layers or clothing that is heavy. I don’t want my clothes to cling either. I’d much rather wear something baggy, lightweight and easy to pull on. But I also don’t want to feel like I’m a slob when I run to the store or when I pick my daughter up from school.

Eddie Bauer has some great looking activewear lately, but they also have some examples of putting things together into an athleisure look.

Eddie Bauer Daisy Wrap, Resolution Tee and Movement Capri
Eddie Bauer Daisy Wrap, Resolution Tee and Movement Capri

I think it’s cute… I can guarantee I’m not going to wear a scarf with my athletic capris. It’s just sooooooo not me. I made the mistake of buying a scarf a while back. I look okay in it, but I’m really uncomfortable in it. I feel like I’m pretending or playing dress up.

But I really want to figure out how to incorporate more comfortable clothing into my life and not wear denim so much, but still feel like myself. I’m such a mess when it comes to fashion!

Would you wear joggers or leggings into an office? Do you wear them out and about for daily tasks? Have you ever scrapped your entire wardrobe and rebuilt?

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  1. I would never wear joggers or leggings to the office (of course I can’t since I have a uniform I have to wear), but there is a civilian in my office who does and while she is in good shape, I still feel awkward around her and for her. I find myself looking at her wondering if she forgot to put on her skirt that would go with the leggings or if she did it on purpose! I love her but I feel like she’s half dressed. I just don’t understand it. It’s one thing to wear workout gear to the store after a workout or on your way to the gym – a quick trip in and out – but as a deliberate outfit for the day? I don’t think I could do it. But maybe that’s just me and my low self image. 😦

    • I’m the same way… I can’t do it as my deliberate outfit for the day!

      Sometimes I wish I had a uniform for every day life, at least I wouldn’t have to think about it. But my daughter (at two-years-old) always struggles against her school uniforms and wants to do something to make them unique! LOL!

  2. I have never worn joggers or leggings to the office. I have two pairs of joggers (I actually didn’t even know they were called that) that I wear when we go camping. I do wear my leggings when I’m out and about with the kids like to the park or grocery shopping, but always with a long sweater or shirt. My butt is always covered. I do love my skinny jeans though. (:

  3. I have only every worn yoga pants to the office on weekends or if I have to scoot back in for an emergency after hours, even though it’s a pretty casual environment and jeans are fine. I wear yoga pants around the house all the time, but I don’t feel comfortable wearing tight fitting workout pants or capris out and about. Plenty of women around here wear Lululemon outfits to run errands, and most certainly don’t seem to be just coming from or on their way to a yoga class.

    • I know the look… I saw someone like that just the other day at a restaurant. The clues that she wasn’t dressed for a workout were the full makeup, hair style and gobs of jewelry all over… otherwise she was wearing exactly something I’d sweat all over.

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