Freak Out: Commence Now

So…. these past few months have been really really trying for me at work. Lots of big projects and changes have kept my brain capacity and stress level at max. And last Friday was kind of the culmination of it all. Big project launched and the next few weeks will be monitor/maintenance/upkeep but the stress should be greatly diminished. So now that my brain has a little space for something else to take center stage…



This is the point where I start to over-think the event:

  • Uh… what am I going to wear?*
  • What’s the weather looking like now? How about now? And now?
  • What am I going to eat?
  • How do I get around Boston?
  • I’m going to miss my baby!
  • Will the kiddo be mad at me for being gone so long?
  • I totally got this.
  • What am I doing? I can’t do this!
  • This is the biggest and best opportunity EVAH!
  • What was I thinking?
  • Seriously… what should I wear?
  • Am I going to be cold?
  • Oh… is it going to be humid? I don’t deal with humidity, I live in the desert!
  • Boston is 3 hours different from my time zone. Oh noes!

I love my cute shirt from Run Far Girl that is at the top of this post and I’m totally going to wear that on my flight home the day after the race! If you want to get your hands on one of those you can do so through her shop, and any purchases of blue/yellow (Boston colors) gear on the shop through April 20 gets 20% donated to Girls on the Run.

I know I’m going to feel guilty for being gone.

The panic is real people…

*I do have a tank to wear from Stonyfield… it is super cute. And I’ve been training in Fabletics capris assuming I’d wear them. But I question if I should wear a shirt under my tank or if arm warmers will be sufficient.

My #teamstonyfield jersey just arrived!!! #bostonmarathon #AwesomeA

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  1. I’d say that tank and arm warmers will be fine – if you have a shirt under your tank you’re kind of stuck in it and there is nothing worse than overheating (or at least not in my world!).

  2. Love the Run Far shirt! The problem of what to wear is *always* my biggest source of stress before a race 😦

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