Let the Madness Begin

It’s….. time…. to…. TAPER!!!!

Some people get a little case of “Taper Madness” in the weeks leading up to the marathon. Mileage is reduced and people start to get antsy, thinking if they cram in one more hard workout or throw in new classes to fill their time they’ll get to the start line better/stronger/faster… I’ve felt that too. But not this time. (Okay, one day into it… but still, bear with me here!) I’m sooooooo ready to taper. Get the legs feeling fresh? Yes please! Maybe sleep a little more? Hallelujah! Watch more The Walking Dead? WOO HOO, I’m addicted! (I’m also kind of sad that I’m so behind on this show… I totally would have been watching Talking Dead all this time too! But alas, I just started watching it this year.)

Taper Madness is sounding more like Taper Bliss.

Another kind of madness is going on around the country… March Madness. Are you into college basketball? I’m…. not. In fact, I’ve gotten more and more anti-college sports the longer I’ve been married. But I get it, it’s “a thing”. But a kind of tournament I can get behind here is from Skin Authority… they’re showing off some of their products that represent offense/defense. My favorite defense is their Sunscreen Moisturizer. They’re doing a tournament from April 1 to April 6 where a product will represent each team in the Final Four… and multiple people can win one of the products and the grand prize winner will win them all.


Figuring out my schedule this week may lead to madness… I’m already super confused with my daughter’s spring break this week. Spring Break means there is no school. But we could pay more $$$ to send her to “Spring Camp” this week… but I have no clue if she’s supposed to be in uniform or if the extended care hours come into play this week or not. It’s all so confusing! I took her into school when camp started today, not in a uniform, and a bunch of kids were there already; so I assume extended care is still in effect? Which is good because I need my work hours, especially over these next couple weeks!

Oh… and another madness that may get me is 2-year-old madness. Parenting a kid who is 2.5 is an interesting kind of hell/heaven. That kid can break down at a moment’s notice and be screaming, and you can be filled with stress and anxiety about what caused this yet filled with so much love for this little screaming tornado at the same time. Honestly… I don’t understand how people have more kids because as fantastic as she is… every time she has one of these meltdowns I’m like “Sterilization? Sign me up!” But then she calms down, stops crying and says “I no want water in my eyes.” and I’m instantly filled with a warm rosy glow… that still says “Sterilization? Sure… let’s do that but let me play with this kid for a little while.”



  1. When Sabrina was 2 years old, I read a research study that alleged 2 year old girls have the same emotional fluctuations as a 21 year old woman. But, they obviously don’t have the maturity to control them. Not sure it’s true, but it made me feel better.

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