2015 New Year Crap: Resolutions-ish

So… you’re supposed to make a list of things to do each year, huh? So here’s a loose list of things I want to do in 2015.

Note: If you don’t make a list of things to do at the start of each new year, you’re doing things just right too! Congratulations!

1. Eat More Protein

I used to obsessively count every number that could be counted with every morsel of food that crossed my lips. Calories, carbs, fat, protein, sodium, magnesium, etc. I had an eating disorder, I don’t want to be there again. But I learned to eat more mindfully and pay attention to my hunger cues in recovery. And then I had a kid and learned to shove food in my face as fast as I could in between feeding her, or wiping up spills or taking a kid to the potty repeatedly. But I get hungry a lot and my instinct is to grab sugar. So I am guessing that if I make an effort to eat more protein that will help satiate me a little more.


2. Foam Roll Regularly

Right now my foam rolling plan is “Hey, look… there’s my foam roller, I should roll something.” And then sometimes I actually do it. So that means about once a week I give my legs a quick roll. But if I did a daily quick roll like that, maybe I would feel amazing? If only I could figure out a way to foam roll my upper back that actually felt like it was attacking those knots instead of just making me feel awkward.

Foam roller

3. Watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

I started watching this show on Netflix last month. It’s an ambitious goal, but I’m going to watch every episode this year. Actually, it shouldn’t be too hard to do. My husband will start his busy season and I won’t see him, thus I’ll be able to watch what I want on TV (aka Netflix) in the evenings after the kid goes to sleep.

4. Speak Up

I do way too many things because I think it will make other people happy. Not necessarily things like, “I bet it would make that person happy if I sent them flowers.” but things like “Okay, I’ll change my plans to accommodate yours because I’m afraid you will be mad at me if I don’t.” Yes, life sometimes means you have to do that. But it’s also not healthy to do that all the time. I need to let people know things are causing me inordinate amounts of stress when I am trying to bend to do what I think they want. Sometimes I need to keep my mental priorities in mind.

5. Get Feeling Well

I feel kind of crummy. I don’t want to go into all the details because honestly I get embarrassed by it, but let’s just say my gut is in turmoil and has been for much of this year. The only correlation I can see with the change is when my lady cycle returned at the start of this year (it had been absent since 2008 – at least). Then I started to feel sick all the time. It makes training hard, it makes living hard, it makes happiness hard. Maybe feeling unhappy a lot exacerbates it… I know that stress is bad for the GI system. It’s a neverending loop, a bug in my programming. But there should be some kind of fix, right?

6. Take my Kid to a Zoo

I don’t know what zoo, but I think she would enjoy a zoo. She likes animals a lot and right now the extent of our animal excursions involves PetSmart and their fish tanks, bird cages and “adopt a pit bull” days. (Okay, it’s not really called “Adopt a Pit Bull” but that’s mainly what they seem to have for adoption.) She loves it and I think a zoo could be fun.

Jill and Giraffe
My super mature visit to the San Diego Wild Animal Park several years back!


7. Run a Marathon

Yep… training officially started for Boston. I’m simultaneously thrilled, excited, and terrified! But as part of Team Stonyfield… I’m going to be running the Boston Marathon this spring. April isn’t that far away!


What things would you like to accomplish this year?


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