Essential Oils Everywhere

Essential oils are everywhere these days, I find them kind of interesting I bought my first essential oils years back when I first bought a steam cleaner for my hard floors. I had heard that if you put a couple of drops in the water reservoir, it helps your house smell nice. And I’ve known about the relaxation-lavender link for a long time. But I didn’t know about all the supposed “powers” they held until lately.

Image via MorgueFile
Image via MorgueFile

I think all of the “magical” blends that are available from the two giants: doTERRA and Young Living are interesting sounding. But I don’t like their MLM approach for business. I would rather buy my essential oils straight from the shelf. (Or, the electronic shelf… I’d rather just order online!) So while I gotta give those companies props for their massive marketing success, I seek out the convenience of being able to shop on my own over needing a consultant or whatever they call their people.

Are they truly worthwhile or is it just snake oil. Well… there’s not a lot of research done on it. For a multitude of reasons (according to information I found on the University of Minnesota website) there isn’t much to refer to in terms of hard science. There is more interest in studying them right now, I think because of the “boom” they are experiencing. And then there are the “certified” claims. My understanding is that there is no real “certification” process and the companies that are using that language are claiming a certification they invented. (If that’s the case, I am a Certified Running and Tech Geek… because I just invented that as a certification. If you are interested in obtaining your certification, send me $500 for my e-course and then pay me $200 to take the test!)

That said… I did learn about “Thieves” oil blend from a friend who is in with Young Living and how the blend is supposed to help with immunity. So I read about it online and found that there was a study done on the blend and it showed effectiveness at killing airborne bacteria when it was diffused into the air. So I Googled around and found a “recipe” for making my own. I like the way it smells and while I don’t own a diffuser (yet… I think I will get one) I have used the ghetto method of putting some drops in a mug of water and placing it on a candle warmer to try to disperse the oil into the air. I have also tried rubbing it on my daughter’s feet when she’s come down with a cold. I don’t know if it’s truly shortened the duration, but I feel like it’s worth a shot.

So then there is the whole issue of diluting the oils for topical application. At first I thought it was just “put it in an oil and apply to skin” but then I started hearing it had to be certain types of oils. This whole arena can be so complicated. (Did you know they make pocket guides to essential oils that are several hundreds of pages long? That is not a quick pocket reference for me. And who keeps books in their pocket anyway!)

I was offered a chance to try a moisturizer called Capri Clear and part of the pitch was that it is good for eczema… and my little girl has had some issues with little patches of eczema on her back and forehead. So I figured I would give it a try. It’s an interesting product in that it’s only one ingredient… magical coconut oil. (Now, let’s not get started on that product, because if I believe all the claims that are rampant… well, just read “The Miraculous Benefits of Coconut Oil” to get an idea.) But I can still get behind coconut oil being a good moisturizer. And I liked the application for this, as opposed to digging into a tub of coconut oil that you never know if it’s going to be liquid, solid or some chunky in-between consistency, this stuff is always liquid and it sprays on. It’s 100% fractionated coconut oil, which means that fractions of the oil are taken out… thus it’s 100% of a fraction. 🙂

Capri Clear moisturizer

Really quickly on Capri Clear for a moment and then I’ll get back to where this post started. This moisturizer sports a seal of approval from the National Eczema Association and it really is gentle on the skin. It doesn’t feel really greasy, it absorbs quickly and is colorless/odorless. Basically, it would be fantastic for my kid if I could get her to hold still for lotion application. She is constantly in motion and doesn’t like to settle down for lotioning/toothbrushing/hair care/eating/etc.

I’ve also been using it as a dilution for essential oils. So for those of you who get all uppity about requiring fractionated coconut oil for essential oil use… here’s a resource that is readily available in drugstores or online.

There are some essential oils that smell nice, some that smell terrible and while I do like some scents and have flirted with the field, there is a part of me that isn’t sure I like smelling like… well, a hippy! Maybe that’s a little harsh… but my book club friends and I have joked that if you ever want to keep your husband at bay just apply some essential oils and he’ll stay on his side of the bed. But apparently there are some oils for libido, so if you don’t research properly you may be inviting advances with your scent. Check out your pocket reference guide to make sure you’re applying what is going to net you the desired outcome!

With a hefty dose of cynicism and sarcasm, I close this post with a simple inquiry and I’m honest and heartfelt when I ask:

Do you use essential oils and have you found any that you feel is a true game-changer for your health? 

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