Friday Fête

Running has taken a back seat to life these past couple days… we’ve been doing some house renovations and part of it involved packing up all our clothes in random bags/boxes and shoving them in corners of the house where they would be out of the way while we got new carpet installed. I’ve been trapped in my office all day while construction crews took over my house, so I’m kind of lacking on fuel. I didn’t realize they would make it impossible for me to access my refrigerator, my car, etc. I was feeling a little guilty that I wasn’t running on my normal “consistent” schedule. But I have to cut myself some slack… I’ve moved belongings around the house, I have a ton of cleanup to do, I need to move things back into place… and I need to find my running clothes! So it’s really okay, just one of the ways life ebbs and flows.

Plus, even though my house has been a nightmare the past week, look at the exciting stuff in place:

New tile floor
New tile!
new carpet
New Carpet

Last thing to be done is new countertops. Things had to get really ugly around here before they started to get beautiful!

Speaking of beauty… (Ha! Segue!)

I received a Stocking Stuffer Sampler from Skin Authority and it got me hooked on their Hand Foot Body Restoration cream. It has glycolic acid in it to help get rid of nasty rough patches on feet, personal pet peeve. Plus the awesome cleanser and sunscreen moisturizer. I stocked up on that in their recent BOGO sale for Black Friday-Cyber Monday.


I had a meeting the other day and the person told me that I look so young to be in the position I am. I think I have to credit my improved skin appearance to the Skin Authority products and things I’ve learned from the skin coach service they provide. Because it sure isn’t my relaxed, stress-free life helping me stay youthful! 🙂

I’ve been having fun with the service Le Tote. (Referral link, if you sign up using that I earn credit on my account, just FYI! And thank you if you do so!) You pay a fee and each month get a box of some clothes/accessories. The nice thing is that you are basically “renting” the clothes so you can wear them and see if they actually work with your lifestyle. If something is great, you can buy it at a discount. If it’s no good, return it. You can also get unlimited “totes” each month, so if you get a box with nothing you like, return it all immediately and get a new one in a few days. I like this approach because I’ve made some impulse purchases with Stitch Fix and then come to realize that those items really didn’t work for me when going through the paces of daily life. I got a sweater dress that I wore for an on-site visit for work and I got compliments all day, but I still returned it because I knew I wouldn’t wear it sitting around my house while working. So it was fun to have something for that day! I kind of wish I had taken photos of everything I’ve received.

Necklace from my @letote – yay or nay? I usually wear simple little things.

A photo posted by @jillwillrun on


I still look at my daughter as not having enough hair to do much with, I am really appreciative that her teachers have put ponytails in her hair so I could be taught that we can do something with it. The other day she came home with a bow in her hair. One of her teachers made bows for all the girls in the class (I assume the boys got something too!) and she loved how it looked! And as un-girly as I am when it comes to those things, I have to admit it is super cute.


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