Motion Geek Video Analysis

I recently had the opportunity to test out the video gait analysis service from Motion Geek. I’ve been intrigued by this concept for YEARS and it was so exciting to get this chance.

Motion Geek

Here’s the gist: you record 6 video clips of yourself doing various things. Two clips are of running and the other 4 are doing some functional movements: squats, 1-leg squat, lunges, stepover. You register with the site, complete your profile and upload everything. Then your account is reviewed by a physical therapist and the turnaround on receiving your report is just a few days!

Last Wednesday or Thursday I had my husband help me record 6 video clips. I filled out my profile on the site where I explained any past injuries or niggles I’ve had, what my running goals are, what my regular mileage is, and any other information I thought was imperative.

Then a couple of days later, I automagically got a web page FULL of recommendations. Here’s the extremely shrunken version so you can see how much detail is in it:


There are still shots from my video clips where they’ve drawn lines and angles to illustrate where I have tightness in my ankles and how my hip drops when my right foot hits the ground. Most of the issues they spotted were due to my hips and I need to work on strengthening and stretching that area. (One more reason that sitting at my desk all day long is terrible!) All of the prescribed moves are easy enough to do at home with minimal equipment involved. (That was a special consideration to me because I mentioned I didn’t have a gym membership, maybe if you explained the equipment you had at your disposal they would give different recommendations. In fact, I would suggest they add that to their intake form: What kind of workout equipment do you have available?)

The coolest part of the whole service (well, aside from everything mentioned above!) is that it is highly affordable. It’s so affordable, I’m amazed at this… Normally the service is $89 for the evaluation but they’re having a limited time special taking it to $79. I’ve entered races that cost a lot more than that!

I’m going to rave about Motion Geek… I think it’s a really cool help resource and I can’t wait to see how my body/health improves after putting these exercises into place. They even offer a satisfaction guaranteed clause… if you give it a go for one month (honestly, truthfully attempt to pay attention to your recommendations) they offer a money-back guarantee.

Lastly… I just need to point out there is a SWEET LivingSocial deal going on for Motion Geek’s service. Buy it for yourself, buy it as a gift for another… I can’t believe it’s only $39! This deal expires in 6 days, so snag it now while you can. Seriously! I don’t get all fangirl over much I review on the site… but I can’t get over this deal! (I bought it… I’m going to re-evaluate in a few months!)

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